Thursday, December 4, 2014

[Agenda]: December 4, 2014

San Gabriel High School Key Club General Meeting
Thursday, December 4, 2014
I. New Business
A. Walk for Kids Growth [December 6 @ Griffith Park from 9:30am - 1:30pm]
Help set up, register, and clean up this walk which includes a celebrity meet and greet!
B. Christmas Dinner in the Park [December 25 @ Central Park, Pasadena from APPROX. 10pm- 3pm]
Spread the holiday spirit by helping to provide the homeless community and low-income families with thousands of meals on Christmas day at this event.
C. Annual Cultural Holidays Festival [December 13 @ San Gabriel High School from 8am - 12pm]
Help out by assisting vendors, setting up tables and chairs, face painting and doing other art activities while enjoying live performances and art exhibits at this local event!
D. Rose Parade Floats [December 26 @ near the Rosebowl in Parking Lot 1 from 1pm- 5:30pm]
Be a part of the team that assembles and decorates the floats for the annual Rose Parade! Volunteers will need to print and fill out a form.
E. Candidate Conference Training [December 6 @ Kiwanis Professional Center from 9am- 5pm]
Learn about the responsibilities of being a Lieutenant Governor or just a leader in general!
F. Conclave [January 10]
See all candidates running for LTG give their speeches!

*THERE IS NOW A 20 HOUR REQUIREMENT FOR DCON! Meetings will count for 30 minutes, so make sure to attend enough services and meetings!