Thursday, December 11, 2014

[Agenda]: December 11, 2014

San Gabriel High School Key Club General Meeting
Thursday, December 11, 2014
    I. New Business
A. Christmas Dinner in the Park [December 25 @ Central Park, Pasadena from APPROX. 10pm- 3pm]
Spread the holiday spirit by helping to provide the homeless community and low-income families with thousands of meals on Christmas day at this event.
B. Rose Parade Floats [December 26 @ near the Rosebowl in Parking Lot 1 from 1pm- 5:30pm]
Be a part of the team that assembles and decorates the floats for the annual Rose Parade! Volunteers will need to print and fill out a form.
2ND SHIFT*: [December 28 @ parking lot on Fair Oaks Ave. in front of War Memorial Building from 8am-         12pm]
    C. Toy and Joy Distribution [December 20 @ 7651 South Central Ave from 12:30pm- 4:30pm]
Volunteers will help re-stock toy store shelves, pass out stocking stuffers, and pick out gifts for clients!
D. Shakey’s Night Fund [January 8 AND 22 @ 866 E. Las Tunas Drive from 5pm-8pm]
We will be having two Shakey’s Nights to help fund for DCON. Come support us and learn more about DCON!
E. Conclave [January 10]
See all candidates running for LTG give their speeches!