Sunday, December 11, 2011

I.Dec DCM/Talen Show
On Friday, December 16th @ Schurr High School's Auditorium, From 5-8pm
Pre-sale tickets will be $2 and $3 at-the-door. If you want to perform, email your name and a video by Dec. 15 to If you can't stay for the talent show, at least try to go to the DCM.
II. Oh My Pan Fundraiser
On Saturday, December 17th @801 E. Vally Blvd from 2-6pm
It's right across Pop Eyes and down the street from Gab. Pick up a flier before ordering.
II. Rose Float Decorating
On Friday, December 30th @Pasadena Rose Bowl from 8am-4pm
Address is 1001 Rose Bowl Dr. Pasadena. We 10-15 members that will stay the entire time. Lunch will be served. Make sure to wear warm outfits that you are not afraid to get messy...Really Messy.
IV. Sweatshirts and Lanyards.
If you would like a club sweatshirt, it will probably be around $30. T-shirts will be #10. Pre-sale for Divisional shirts will be $8 by Dec16th. Lanyards are $3 and can be picked up at the DCM. Club sweatshirts price will go down if more people buy, but for the moment pay $30 and if there is money left over we'll give it back. People who order last year tell Mr. Gin if you want the new sweatshirt and if not then tell him so.
V. Articles
Write a paragraph about an event that you went to and you'll get an hour.


Anonymous said...

Could we sign up online or do we have to sign up in person?