Monday, October 31, 2011

I. Day Of the Dead
On Saturday, November 5th @ San Gabriel High School from 10am/12pm-5pm
For the people who volunteered to help on Friday go to the Multipurpose room, For those that are going Saturday Find Mrs. Beta for Volunteer tags. Also when you are done make sure to check out with Mrs. Beta. If you cannot find her, find an Officer. WOOT HomeComing Dance, hope you all are going :D.
II. Fall Rally Spirit Workshop
On Saturday, November 12th @ Almansor Park from 1pm-3pm
This workshop is mandatory for all those who are attending Fall Rally! You will learn about the division cheers, make your own spirit gear, and help make posters/banners for our divisions. FOR MEMBERS IN GENERAL LEARN THE "HOW DO YOU FEEL" Cheer.
III. Fall Rally
On Saturday, November 19th @ SIX FLAGS form 8:30am-8pm
Hope you paid $10 for the bus ride and $27 for the ticket. Lets have fun and cheer our heads off :D.
Write articles about the events you went to it's an easy way to get an hour.