Monday, October 10, 2011

I. Senior Olympics
On Saturday, October 15th @ San Gabriel High School from 7am-3pm
Sign up for this event are full! For the volunteers that did sign up, don't forget your waiver and meet at the south parking lot by 7:15. Also if you find out that you cannot make it have someone replace you, please.
II.AIDS walk
On Sunday, October 15th @ West Hollywood. Get there before 9am.
Go join the division's AIDS Walk team on Facebook! Choose Team name: Division 10South Key Club -2067
III.Higashi Bargain Festival
On Sunday, October 16th @ 505 East Third Street, Los Angeles from 8:30-5pm
We need at LEAST 6 guys and 6 girls to help take care of tables and advertising. Lunch will be provided.
IV. Day of the Dead
On Saturday, November 5th @ San Gabriel High School from TBA-5pm
We need at Least 75 members, so least try and get 100 to show that we are the club to come to for any services. If you want to sign up go to Mrs. Beta in the Pupil services. Yes, we know that it's on the day of HomeComing Dance, but please attend.
V. Fall Rally Money.
So Fall Rally is on November 19th! The cost to go to Fall Rally is 37$ at the moment (may be subjected to change) . Turn in your money to Mr. Gin by October 28th. The requirements to go is atleast 10 hours so if you don't have that many then HOPEFULLY you are going to any of the above events. IF YOU HAVE SEASON PASS THE COST IS ONLY 5$! (<- that may change also)
VI. D10s Crewnecks, Landyards, and Wristbands.
We are selling divisional crewnecks, so if you are interested leave your size and $15 to Alan or Mr. Gin by October 14th. Divisional landyards are $5 and Wristbands that say "I ♥ Babies" are $2. Wristband proceeds go to PTP and they come in either Teal and white or Black and white. Landyards and wristband buy from Vickie or Taylor!
Let's start writing articles about the events we went to!