Sunday, August 7, 2011

I. Registration Orientation
On Wednesday, August 10 from 9AM-10AM @ School (LOOK FOR PERLA)
You MUST attend this orientation in order to volunteer for registration!

You MUST attend this orientation in order to volunteer for registration!

FIRST 20 VOLUNTEERS WHO SIGN UP AT THE GENERAL MEETING WILL GET THE SPOT. Here's the list from the last meeting! Please tell me if you are unable to go, so I can cross you name off.

1. Michael Nguyen

2. Amy Phung

3. Maggie Cheng

4. Jonathan Tan

5. Gloria Su

6. John Nguyen

7. Jerry Vong

8. Riley Chu

9. Susan Lương Gia Bảo

10. Tomhanks Kung

11. Jia (Ellie) Zhao

12. Dalyna Nguyen

13. Helen Zhu

14. Jenny Teng

15. Leanna Lai

16. John "David Chen" Smith

17. Eavan Liang

18. Taylor Huynh

19. Helen Cheaa

20. Savannah Cheung

II. Registration Service
On Aug, 16-Aug. 19 and Aug. 22-Aug. 26 from 7AM-1PM @ School
Registration will be divided into two weeks: Aug. 16-Aug. 19 and Aug. 22-Aug. 26. There is a maximum of 10 volunteers for each week. You must wear Key Club apparel. If you cannot attend a certain day for the week you signed up for, you must find a replacement. Don't forget, you MUST attend orientation in order to volunteer for this service!

III. Bowling Night for PTP
On Friday, Aug. 12th from 6-9pm @Alhambra Bowling Center.
Come to D10S Bowling Night for some service hours! Make sure to purchase your game before 9pm or you do not get service hours. The Address is at 1400 E. Valley Blvd.

IV. Rosemead Aquatic Center Grand Opening!
On Saturday, Aug. 13th from 10am-4pm @ Rosemead Aquatic Center.
Ribbon Cutting Ceremony @ 10am, where they will be handing out free beach balls for kids.
Free Swim Lesson @ 11am - 4am, where they will be serving free hot dogs.
They need at least 5 - 6 people, but more would be great too !
Please RSVP by Tuesday if possible! Address is 9115 Mission Drive Rosemead, California
IV. D10S Beach Clean Up
On Saturday, Aug. 20th from 11am-6pm @ Huntington Beach.
We will be having another beach clean up this summer! Get some service hours while having fun at the beach. S'mores will be sold and there will be a bonfire. Also make sure to have your medical release from, but if you already turned it in don't worry about it. (​loads/Resources/Policy%20a​nd%20Forms/Medical%20Form.​pdf)

V. D10S Tapioca Express Fundraiser
On Thursday, Aug 25th from 3-5pm @TapEx
Come to Tapioca Express to support our Division! Be sure to put your receipt in the box labeled "D10s Key Club!" This event also counts for service hours, so be sure to attend! The Address is 140 W. Valley Blvd #118B San Gabriel.