Friday, January 14, 2011

I. Rosemead Lunar New Year Festival
Saturday, January 22 @ UFC Gym from 8AM-6PM
Shifts: 8AM-1PM; 1PM-6PM or you can stay the entire time!

  • Directing traffic
  • Distributing gifts
  • Cleaning up

II. Chinese New Year Free Family Festival
Saturday, January 29th from 11AM-5PM
We need as many volunteers as possible!
We're going to be working INSIDE the booths! FUN!

Sunday, January 30th @ Live Oak Park from 1PM - TBD
If you want free lunch, it's going to start at 12:40PM
This is the DCM where we're going to reunite with Division 10 North & their LTG Jane!
After the DCM, you can stay to make cards for St. Jude's Children's Hospital!

IV. San Gabriel Mission High Talent Show
Friday, February 18th @ SGMissionH's Auditorium from 7PM-10PM
Keep in mind that our own SGHS Annual Talent show is ALSO held on the same day.
There's an entrance fee of $5 but the cost can change.
Food will be sold, More info TBA. They're going to check IDs before you enter.
If you wish to audition for the talent show, you can send a Facebook/Youtube video of your act to "". (Her name is Michelle Nguyen)
The LAST DAY to send it in will be January 16th.

V. Teens for Jeans

Fact: ONE out of THREE homeless people are teenagers.
Do you have some new/lightly worn/old/out grown jeans somewhere in your closet? You should donate it to Teens for Jeans and make a difference! Each donation will score you a 25% coupon for a NEW pair of Aeropostale jeans & you will be entered into a drawing for a gift card to a place of your choosing.
When donating you need to include your:
Name, School, Email & the # of jeans donated. (In that same order)
Last day will be February 9th!

VI. Clothing

Our Black&Yellow Club T-shirts will cost $9
The Black&White Jackets will cost $26
Our Division Blue&White shirts will cost $10.
Paying starts now! Go to Mr. Gin in A211 if you want any of these!

VII. LA Regional Food Bank
More info TBA.

VIII. Upcoming Elections
The school year is passing by quickly so that means elections are almost here!
If you're interested in becoming an officer, feel free to approach any officer and ask them what they do, or you can look on the sidebar & read the job descriptions.


Anonymous said...


Eric L said...

I believe sghs key club should have a website instead of a blog... A blog looks kind of boring.... website gives you more.... flexibility... By the way, what does the Bulletin Editor do? Don't say update blog.... does he/she have to find and make deals with others to get services for members? etc.

Cynthia Lam said...

I went to the Rosemead Lunar New Year festival at around 1 for the later shift(which is the "cleaning up" shift right? o.o) but I saw that the place was still crowded and decided to come back later. When I did go back later, I couldn't find any Key Clubbers there... I figured everyone just left :O

Michelle Fong said...

@Eric L
The bulletin editor designs and puts together the club bulletins using the articles members/officers submit. They also add in activities and commentary. Issues do not have a schedule.

The historian updates blog/facebook and take pictures of events and uploads them. The service chair is the one who finds all the services (though any officer can look, it's just not required for them.)

Anonymous said...

To the Anonymous person writing oh so politely in the first comment: CHECK YOUR RIGHT SIDEBAR. THE ADDRESSES ARE THERE! Thank you, please enjoy your day.