Sunday, December 5, 2010

Remember that you can always sign up for a service with us through Facebook, or AIM.

Do you miss DCMs?? Well there's going to be one for the month of december! YAY!
Sunday, December 5th @ Almansor Park from 1PM - whenever
Come & find out what's new in D10 SOUTH!

II. Pre-Youth Summit
Tuesdays & Wednesdays of Dec. 7th, 8th, 14th & 15th
@ Pacific Clinic's Club from 3:30PM-5PM
We need 5-8 volunteers.
What are we doing?

  • make signs
  • market the event
  • & much more

III. Lights on Temple City
Saturday, December 11th @ Temple City Park from 5:30PM - 6:30PM
We need 10 volunteers for this event.
Why you should go??
  1. You're get to light trees!
  2. It sounds AWESOME!
  3. You get to be in a PARADE!!

IV. Operation Santa
Tuesday, December 21st from 7PM-9PM
We're going to be reading and organizing letters from little kids that's written to Santa!
Drinks will be provided!
We're trying to get more spots for this event, so more info TBA

V. Rose Floats

Sunday & Monday, December 26th & 27th. from 3PM-9PM & 4PM-11PM
If you sign up for this event, you HAVE to attend.
If you can't make it, you have to find a replacement.
Lunch will be provided!!
Don't wear new clothes, wear old clothes that you don't want anymore.
Rose floating is DIRTY WORK!

VI. Button Fundraiser
PURCHASE a button for Key Club from now til December 15th!
Go to ANY officer to buy it!
One button is $2 & if you buy 3 or more, it's $1 each.

VII. Making & Delivering Christmas Baskets
Friday, December 9th from 3PM-8PM; Saturday, December 10th from 8AM-12PM
@ Union Church
The event is self-explanatory.

VIII. Shirts, Jackets & MORE Shirts!

Divisional Shirts!
Since we decided on not attending Fall Rally, you can still order the Divisional Shirts!
It's going to be white & blue for under $10. <-- That's really cheap! Front Back
Sign up during meetings! :D

Club Jackets!
We've began our sweater color voting.
You can vote at the meetings by writing your choice of color next to your name on the sign up list.
It's American Apparel Sweaters & the colors are Royal Blue (Lapis), Yellow (Sunshine), or black.

Club Shirts!
Sign up during the Key Club meetings to pay for this!

XI. Region 13 Winter Formal

@ Diamond Bar Recreation Center More info TBA
Didn't go to SG's Winter Formal because of the price?
Well then you can go to an even BIGGER Winter Formal for a CHEAPER price!
Pre-sales - $15, Regular - $20

Bring back UNICEF boxes before Mr. Gin hunts you down!!!!!