Thursday, November 18, 2010

Remember that you can always sign up for a service with us through Facebook, or AIM.

Old Business:

Thanks to everyone who attended Memory Walk and the Community Yard Sale. We made around $166 at the yard sale! YAY! :D

New Business:

I. Food Preparation

Wednesday, November 24th, from 8AM - 12PM
@ the Adult Center
This service is related to Dinner in the Park.
We're going to be preparing the food for Dinner in the Park.

II. Dinner in the Park
Thursday, November 25th, from 10AM - 1PM
@ Central Park
We're going to be helping with food set-up.
Last year, our job was to scoop pies out of the boxes!

III. Vista Cove

Sunday, November 28th, from 1:30PM - 3PM
Come hang out with the old folks!
Let's play some monopoly with them.
They adore it when youngsters, like us, visit them so you should totally come!

IV. Sweater Colors
We've began our sweater color voting.
You can vote at the meetings by writing your choice of color next to your name on the sign up list.
It's American Apparel Sweaters & the colors are Royal Blue (Lapis), Yellow (Sunshine), or black.

V. Reminders
PLEASE remember to turn in UNICEF boxes because if you don't, Mr. Gin WILL track you down. This also goes with the Healthy Snacks money.

VI. Divisional Shirts & Club Shirts
Since we decided on not attending Fall Rally, you can still order the Divisional Shirts!
It's going to be white & blue for under $10. <-- That's really cheap! Front Back

The club shirt design has been decided. We'll have more information about that later on.
The design can be seen in the newsletter, which can be downloaded on the sidebar.