Friday, October 29, 2010

I. Goblins in the Garden
Tomorrow, October 30th @LA Arboretum
from 9AM-3:15PM
shifts : 9AM-12:45PM, 12PM-3:15PM
Spread your Halloween cheers to little kids!

II.Vista Cove
Sunday [HALLOWEEN], October 31st
@ Vista Cove from 1:30PM-4PM
Let's show the elderly how to have some spooky fun!

III. Key Club Week
(November 1st - November 5th)
Monday: Spread the word about Key Club! WEAR YOUR KC T-SHIRTS!
Tuesday: Thank all of your Key Club Supporters
Wednesday: Connect with other members of the Kiwanis Family
Thursday: Bring a friend to the KC meeting! :D
Friday: Our own special way of showing what Key Club means to us, so we will be planning a surprise!

IV. Memory Walk
Sunday, November 7th @ Century Park
from 9AM-3PM
We will be directing walkers, helping at food stations, and signing in walkers.
You will need to bring a waiver on the day of the event. Please go if you do sign up.

V. Community Yard Sale
Saturday, November 13th @ SGHS North Parking Lot
from 7AM - 2PM
We are going to have TWO tables, one for selling soda and the other for "junk". If you have anything you don't want anymore, we'll starting collecting items next week!

VI. Dinner-in-the-Park
Thursday, November 25th @ Union Station
from 10AM - 1PM
Come and spread some cheer to the homeless by serving them food!
We're going to be setting up and sorting out the food.
If you sign up, please attend.

VII. Trick-or-Treating with UNICEF/Healthy Snacks for DCON

You can still sign up for a UNICEF box to collect donations to be sent to children in need! Boxes are due NEXT WEEK.

If you wish to attend DCON in Anaheim this year, then help fundraise!

VIII. Fall Rally
Due to regrettable complications, we are no longer attending Fall Rally. Please see Mr. Gin for a refund if you have already paid!


Anonymous said...


Michelle Fong said...

Dooood, props to the new layout. : )

Anonymous said...

Finally the layout gets a change! O= By the way, are you going to post up our hours like last year or no?

Anonymous said...

Surprise on Friday, but how would that work?

Anonymous said...

I notice there's not as much community service to do as last year. I notice most of them are fundraisers.

Anonymous said...

No agenda updates?

Anonymous said...

Well, seniors have a lot on their plates right now. They have their AP classes, other extracurriculars, and college apps to worry about. Can't blame them if it's a bit delayed.

Anonymous said...

There isn't an agenda update because we didn't have a meeting last week, rememberr?