Saturday, September 18, 2010

ARGHHH. Sorry my fellow Key Clubbers. I haven't been able to update the blogspot because I haven't been able to get the agendas. If you're all wondering why there's so little officers at the meeting, TENNIS SEASON. We'll see you guys at Shakey's Night, and we'll be back regularly in november. - Your Historian, Tiffany Wen

I. Vista Cove
Thanks to all of you that attended the Vista Cove Carwash today!

II. Say No to Drugs Half Marathon
Held on Saturday, September 25th from 5AM-1PM

  • What we're doing:
  • Handing out goody bags
  • Helping out at the food&pancake stations
  • checking in the runners

III. D10 South Pillow Fight
Held on September 25th @ the Rosemead Recreation Center.
More info TBA.

IV. Shakey's Night
Held on Thursday, September 30th from 6PM-9PM
This Meeting-Fundraiser is held in place of our general afterschool meetings.
Will also be the last day to turn in club dues and apps.

V. T-Shirt Design & Jackets
Want to Design a t-shirt for key club? Give it a try, maybe you'll win!
Submit designs to ANY Key Club Officer.
The deadline is around mid-October.

Do you like our teal jackets?
Well we have decided to order jackets IF there's an order of 50 or more.
It will cost around $30 but the bigger the order, the smaller the price.
Spread the word! Tell your friends!

VI. Fall Rally!
It's getting closer!
What is fall rally?
  • It's an annual event held at Six Flags in November,
  • We get fall rally spirit gear!
  • Learn old and new cheers!
Wanna meet more key clubbers from our division?
This is the PERFECT opportunity.