Sunday, August 15, 2010


Hey Key Clubbers, and future Key Clubbers!

Please meet up at the quad by 7AM to be assigned your jobs. Do not be late. Here are your shifts, make sure they're correct! (Updated 5:34PM Sunday) Please reply in the comments so we know you've seen your shifts. "1" means you have the shift, "0" means you signed up for it but it was not available. Let me know if 1's or 0's are misplaced! Both are equally important (keep reading for some good news.)

There are 37 people maximum a day. I tried to be as fair as possible, but I could only give shifts to people who (in order of priority):
1. Signed up and attended training,
2. Just came to training, or
3. Were not signed up in advance but were signed up by someone else. (Which is fine.)
If your name is not on this sheet, we're sorry but you cannot volunteer at registration this year.

We've noticed that everyone, including those who ended up with 0's are very dependable and responsible, so Jennifer contaced Mr. Ma to request taking in those of you with "0" for the shifts you signed up for. This isn't for sure, but keep checking facebook, this blog, or sangabrielkey for the next two days until we hear from him.

If Mr. Ma just wants 35* volunteers and you're not assigned to your class/name's date, you have two options: register during the shift you've been assigned to, or show up on your own registration day and make it up with your assigned shift (using the honor system here).

Jobs will be assigned in the morning each day, but for some jobs we prefer veterans (from last year and just along the week) so there would be less training time and mistakes. We'll be checking in on everyone, so there may be job switching once or twice in a day since some are more monotonous than others --but only for those who are doing a good job. Remember to bring at least $5 for lunch. We will be doing food runs again, though we are guaranteed free lunch from the school once a week on unknown days. Water is not being provided, so please consider bringing your own or buy some from JCC.

WEAR YOUR KEY CLUB SHIRTS, JACKETS, HOODIES, FALL RALLY SHIRTS, ETC. There is no "please", because we mean srs business. We will have loans (and masking tape) if you do not own anything that says "Key Club" on it. Prices for the tshirts are undecided at this point, though they won't cost more than $5. Don't forget our last summer meeting is on Monday, the 16th (day before registration)!

As you may or may not know, Mr. Ma has a lot of trust in our club. It is because of this reason we are able to help out at registration every year. Please do not constantly use your cellphones, play games, bring cards, etc while there is work to be done. Not only does it make Key Club look bad to the administration and student body, it also makes the student body look bad to the incoming freshmen. Don't forget we're only able to do help out because Mr. Ma believes we will get every student properly registered. Let's all make this year's registration another huge success!

-Michelle Fong
Vice President

*We're still taking the extras, so the real number is 37.


Helen said...

Our shifts are the correct ones we signed up for (which is all xP).

-Jenny and Helen Chhea

And can we buy a t-shirt at the meeting on monday if we don't have one?

Judy Man said...

My shifts are correct, the ones I signed up for.
-Judy Man

Michelle Fong said...

@Helen: Yes you can. : )

Anonymous said...

The shifts of Connie Cheng and Maggie Cheng are correct. :)

Taylor said...

My shift is correct

i have a question: what if i signed up for all cuz i just came to training

Anonymous said...

My shifts are correct, disappointed that Wednesday the 25th already has 37 people though.


- David Vuong

Bonnie Ngu said...

I signed up for tues 17th but it was blank, i was wondering if there is still space for me on that day. And what i put on the sheet was actually "except thur 26" i didn't have a calender so i got the date wrong sorry =(

Michelle Fong said...

@Bonnie 0's are a way for me to know who wants what, so it doesn't matter how many more 0's I add. If Mr. Ma is okay with more people, everyone with a 0 or 1 can volunteer. : )

So the dates you meant to sign up for are: 17-20, 24, 25, and 27?

Are Judy Man's shifts supposed to be the same as yours?

Michelle Fong said...

@Taylor Sorry, I don't understand your question : ( Are you asking why you have 0's for the first week?

Bonnie Ngu said...

yes, the shifts were suppose to be 17-20, 24, 25, 27. There isn't a 0 on tue 17th. Yes, judy said she wanted to work the same days as me but i think its best if you check with her

Anonymous said...

Mine is good ! (:
- Vivian Lau

Michelle Fong said...

The link has been updated due to people switching their shifts or dropping out. Here are the people effected:
Taylor Huynh(+1)
Kelvin Liang(+2)
Eavan Liang (-1)
Bonnie Ngu (+0)
Judy Man (-3)
Jaci Rodriguez(+1)

Anonymous said...

There's a mistake for my shifts. I only signed up the 17th, 18th, 24th, and 25th.

-Jennifer Liang

Michelle Fong said...

@David Vuong You now have Wednesday.
@Taylor Huynh You now have all days except the 18th
@Jennifer Liang Your shifts have been corrected. : )

Jaci Rodriguez has all except the 17th and 18th.

Anonymous said...

My dates are correct. Thanks!
-Becky Fung

Anonymous said...

Thanks for adding me to Wednesday, Michelle! I really appreciate it.

- David Vuong

laurieou said...

My shift is correct.

Anonymous said...

Could you please update the shifts?

Anonymous said...

How come some of the people got their shifts when they haven't gone to the training

Michelle Fong said...

They're updated already. The last changes were minor and were just posted here.

Everyone who has shifts have gone to the training. This is because registration sign ups were never available before training. If you're referring to certain people it is because they have been excused due to being on vacation, work, etc.

Kent Ma said...

Sorry for the late notice.

I can't do the senior registration days (the 17th and 18th), but I will gladly do the junior, sophomore, and freshman registration days.

- Kent Ma