Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Registration 2010

Registration is coming up, and we need you guys again!

Mr. Ma wants 35 volunteers a day. One shift is a full day, and we will find out the time together at training Friday, though a good guess would be that a shift starts slightly before 7AM and ends sometime after 2PM. Registration Dates: August 17th-20th, and 24th-27th.

Mandatory Training
This may sound unfamiliar, however it has been made clear that all volunteers must come to training. It is this Friday, August 13th from 11AM to 12:30PM. Meet up at the office. (Pupil's Services) Incoming freshmen are welcome!

If you cannot attend training due to work, school, etc. let us know in the comments and we may excuse you. Do not tell us after training, there will no longer be spaces left.

Priority goes like this:
#1: the 18 who signed up for training on August 2nd at the general meeting.
#2: people on the sign up sheet from #19 to #35
#3: those who just show up at the training

Why Should I Volunteer at Registration?
1. If you volunteer all day every day, you will have earned approximately 64 hours! Keep in mind, you get those awesome certificates at the end of the year BBQ's for just 50!
2. Registering is painfully slow. UNLESS YOU'RE A VOLUNTEER! Cut the lines (according to your class/name) and be done in an hour or so compared to the hours other students have to endure. : (
3. We're picking up lunch, which means good o' fast food! (You have to pay for it, though.)
4. See your friends! (Volunteering and in line!)

However, do not feel discouraged; even if you're #36. Just because 35 people have signed up, it doesn't mean all 35 will sign up for all the days. Nor does it mean everyone will show up.


laurieou said...

Sign me up for registration! All days. -Laurie

Can you sign Amy Nham up too? Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Wait, so imcoming freshmen can sign up too??? Sign me up for all days! =D

-Helen Chhea

taylor said...

hey can you sign me up for the 17th-20th please

Anonymous said...

Hi, I would like to sign up for 17th-20th =)

-Olivia Hoang

Anonymous said...

Sign me up for the 17th to 20th also!

-Brian Clarence Ly