Thursday, July 8, 2010

BBQ Agenda

I. PCC 5k Run
This is held on Saturday, July 10th
(Address & Map are located in the sidebar)
From 6AM-9:30AM
You MUST bring this form with you. Click me
Sign up soon! Limited spots.

II. A Despicable DCM
Saturday July 17th @ Edwards Renaissance Theater
More Information Here.

III. Regional Beach Clean Up
More info click me!

IV. Stuffed with Love
Are your stuffed animals collecting?
Don't know what to do with them anymore?
Make a less fortunate child happy by donating it to Stuffed with Love!

Stuffed with Love is a non-profit organization started by Michelle Fong. Donations will be collected July 19th, our next summer meeting. Each person who donates will receive half an hour (maybe a full hour depending on how many are donated), and a clearer room.

Similar to Beanie Babies, include a name and a short piece as an introduction.

Mr. Bear
From the East to the West,
Teddies are the best.
When you need someone to hug;
they'll be ready and snug.
(Borrowed from the Cali-Nev-Ha rap)

The stuffed animals collected may be given to an orphanage, children's hospital, daycare, etc.
For the most part, the donations from Monday will go to a fire station and police station in San Gabriel. Children of robbed or burned homes are given stuffed animals by police/ firemen as a means of comfort and are usually kept by the children as a memento.

Your stuffed animal and that little note will bring love, comfort, and most importantly... a friend.

Next meeting: July 19th at Almansor Park (Gazebo)