Thursday, July 1, 2010


For those of you that don't know your Key terms, here's a quick lesson.
  • Your home club is San Gabriel High School. The leader is your President.
  • Your Division is Division 10 South. It contains several schools, including Mark Keppel and Alhambra. The leader is your Lieutenant Governor.
  • Your Region is Region 13. It contains several divisions, each led by their respective Lt. Governors.
Here are the Divisions that make up Region 13 and their mascots:

D10 South: Blue Turtles.
D10 North: Ninja Turtles.
D15: Giraffes.
D35 East: Pirates.
D35W: Seals.

Pretty simple, right?
Great. Now, on to the news!

Region 13 is having their second annual Beach Clean-Up.
Saturday, July 31st, 2010.
10AM — 6PM.
@ Santa Monica Pier / Beach.
If you are taking the bus with D10 South, meet up at Mark Keppel High School.

In addition to cleaning, there will be several ice breakers, spirit battles, and a super mega-awesome relay race.

Sign-up by leaving a comment with your name and ID number. D10 South is providing 3 buses to the beach, which means 156 slots open. The price for bus fair is to be announced. Our sign-up will be sent in to our LTG, Allys Ton, this coming Sunday at 12PM.
After that, you will be responsible for your own ride.

It is highly encouraged that you sign-up for this event. Everyone is welcome! We rarely have regional events as it is difficult to manage with the distance between divisions, so you should definitely go to this and experience what it's like to mingle with other divisions. You're also going to be meeting HUNDREDS of other Key Club members. Isn't that amazing?

If you have any questions, contact your LTG with an e-mail at .


Tony said...

tony duong

Anonymous said...

lily wong 1515166

San Gabriel Key Club said...

Tony Duong, please leave your ID number.

Anonymous said...

David Lam 1502421

Anonymous said...

Stanley Ho Incoming Freshman ID:1518474

Anonymous said...

Incoming Freshman, Helen Chhea 1518217

Tony said...

oops, 1502690.