Friday, July 16, 2010


Hey everyone!
Excited for tomorrow?

Please remember to meet up at The Renaissance by 6:45PM!
It's only 15 minutes earlier than the previously announced time. Meet up with me to receive your ticket.

Now, there are quite a few of you who haven't paid for your ticket yet. Don't worry! Just come ready tomorrow with your $10 and I will check you off. We meet every other week during the summer, so it's understandable that we all didn't pay at the last meeting (when the event was first announced).

These are the people who still need to pay:
• Alan An
• Michelle Fong
• Annie Lam
• Jenny Liu
• Tony Duong
• Karen Khou
• Edwardo Vasquez
• Kimberly Ayala
• Linda Fong
• Annie Phung
• Genton Mo

If there's a problem with paying tomorrow, please e-mail me at
Yes, that's my personal e-mail address.
Contact me and we can arrange something if you can't come up with the money in time.

If you can't go anymore, please please find a replacement for yourself. Otherwise, you owe San Gabriel money for taking up a spot that someone else could've signed up for.


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