Thursday, June 3, 2010


School is ending in two weeks, and although most clubs on campus don't keep in touch over the summer, Key Club does! So remember to sign up for that annual BBQ: the first of our summer meetings. (We'll be explaining more about summer meetings at the BBQ.)


We have two things going on before school ends: a School-wide Homework Recycling project and an American Apparel Fundraiser.

1. Homework Recycling
The American Apparel fundraiser works to save infants, this event works to save our earth! Everybody has homework, and if you're anything like me you've kept your homework and handouts stashed away under your bed, in your drawers, and on the floor since September. As opposed to just tossing them into a beach bonfire that probably won't get planned anyways, how about recycling them?

Bring all the papers you want to recycle to Mr. Gin at A211 stacked neatly. There will be a box to put your stack of paper in. You can also bring your stack to our last meeting of the school year, which is just next week!

Our officers will take them to get recycled after June 10, and since we can't take all of you guys with us I plan on uploading a video of it here on the blogspot!

1. Divisional American Apparel Fundraiser for Pediatric Trauma Prevention
Officers are selling American Apparel jackets for $30, but that price goes down to $25 if it's Lapis or Sunshine. Pictures/colors here. If you buy two jackets and the combination is Lapis AND Sunshine, it will cost $45. Other combinations will cost $50, which is still pretty good since the original jacket costs $42!

The v-necks are being sold for $10 as opposed to $19. Picture/colors here.

This is also where we got our club jackets, so if you're worrying about sizing and you're too lazy to look at the sizing charts, just look at your (or a friend's) Key Club jacket. See a Key Club officer to order one. Anybody can order, so if you know someone who would be interested, feel free to send them this post.

If you don't usually see officers on campus, you can order one at the next meeting. DO NOT ASK MR. GIN! Be ready to pay for the jacket. If you're buying for someone, we need their ID, phone number, color, size, quantity, and payment.

Remember that the proceeds go towards PTP: Pediatric Trauma Prevention. The Pediatric Trauma Program was started by Kiwanis, and you can read about the project here.
  • Unintentional injury is the #1 killer of children age 14 and under in the U.S.
  • Unintentional injury kills more children every year than any other cause - including disease, homicide and suicide!
  • 90% of these unintentional injuries can be prevented!
As KEY club, Kiwanis Educated Youth, the initials "PTP" are and will continue to be mentioned often, so why not take a minute to read about who you'll be helping out for the rest of your Key Clubbing years?

-Michelle Fong, VP


Anonymous said...

why do we have so less events now? key club used to have a lot of events

San Gabriel Key Club said...

This isn't the full list of events. The agenda should be uploaded soon, we're just having some technical difficulties.

Anonymous said...

When will I get the jackets if I buy it?

Michelle Fong said...

They would be here at the end of June, so we would most likely distribute the jackets at a summer meeting. If you can't make it we'll give you a call and arrange something.