Friday, June 11, 2010

Agenda June 10, 2010

1) Make Music Pasadena [ Saturday, June 19th @ 16 S. El Molino Blvd (between Colorado Blvd. and Green St.) , Pasadena 91101 from 11AM to 5PM OR 1PM to 3PM ]
A fantastic event where people come from all over to listen to free music. You can get lots of free things (CD's, pins, posters, anything that fits in goody bags!) Who knows, maybe you'll find your next favorite artist there. : )
Mexican Revolution Stage: 8 Spots left. Comment to sign up.
Meet up at 16 S. El Molino Blvd (between Colorado Blvd. and Green Str.) to check in, then go to the Mexican Revolution Stage. Please arrive 15 minutes before, so the time is really 12:45PM-3PM.
Regular Shift
There are unlimited spots! Get to 16 S. El Molino Blvd (between Colorado Blvd. and Green Str.) to check in. Please arrive 15 minutes early, so the shift is more like 10:45PM-5PM.

Sign up by commenting with your name, ID, and shift!

2) Chalk Festival [ Sunday, June 20th @ Paseo Colorado 280 East Colorado Blvd, Pasadena 91101 from 2PM to 7PM ]
We will be going to this festival as a division. We'll be eating lunch and dinner together, + receive free t-shirts. There are 7 spots with be 5 jobs available, some include assistant, seller, and gallery monitor. People going: (If you change your mind, let us know in the comments.)

  1. Alan An
  2. Debbie Dinh
  3. Bonnie Ngu
  4. Judy Low
  5. Tony Duong
  6. Judy Man
  7. Chaired by Michelle Fong

3) Divisional Banquet
[ Friday, June 25th @ Almansor Court 700 S. Almansor St, Alhambra 91801 from 6PM to 11PM ]
This is the last divisional event for '09-'10. Tickets are $20 pre-sale and $25 at the door. For photos, it;s $3 for a photobooth and $5 for studio pictures. Please dress semi-formally. Comment here to sign up. DIVISIONAL BANQUET IN DETAIL

4) Beach Clean-Up [ Tuesday, June 27th @ Huntington Beach, time to be announced. ]
Alongside D10S, we will also be cleaning up with Division 4 West! It costs $15, but only because this pays for the bus AND food! The Divisional Council Meeting is also held here, along with a bonfire! (And judging from the fact that there is a bus fee, we will all be going together.) More info to be announced.
New Info:
Pay at the bus, but sign up so there is a spot for you. You MUST pay if you sign up. Time is 9:00am - 9:00pm. We will meet up at Rosemead High BEFORE 8AM. FACEBOOK PAGE

5) Club Barbecue [ Tuesday, June 29th @ Almansor Park S. Almansor St, Alhambra 91801 from 1:30PM to 3PM ]
This is our annual banquet! We won't be dancing this year, but there are plenty of reasons why you should come! For one thing, pride. Seriously guys, this is an official beginning and end of a Key Club year! We have member recognition on this date (certificates for amazing Key Clubbers who reached the 50 hours AND the ones who stood out the past year), good food that don't cost you anything, and just a great way to socialize and get a chance to get to make new friends and meet the cute incoming freshmen! Or squirt water at them. That's fine too. Just kidding. There will also be other activities like icebreakers, spontaneous contests, etc!) R.S.V.P. here. (You still have to sign up.)

If you'd like us to do something (something that requires no clean-up), feel free to suggest something in the comments! We love comments from y'all : )

Heads up:
Divisional Car wash July 17
5-way social July 24.
(More info on these as we approach the dates!)

Doing this brings back memories,
Michelle Fong
Vice President




Eric L said...

During the meeting, was it true that members that had a total of more than 50 hours on that hour sheet gets some kind of certificate? If so, I don't think I'll be able to receive it because I'll be off to vacation at 6/26/2010.

Michelle Fong said...


@Eric L: Don't worry, we can give it to you once you come back. : ) Just let us know what date you'll be back. If you're gone all summer we can give it to you in September.

Anonymous said...

there can only be 7 ppl going to the chalk festival? D:

Janet Ye said...

Make music 11-5pm(:

1094688 Janet Ye

JENN WONG. said...

I also like that you used MLA format for the date in the heading... LOL.

@Eric L.
Hey! That's supposed to be a surprise. )=
And like Michelle said, don't worry, you'll get it one way or another.

Yes, and I'm sorry. We're doing this divisionally, and so other schools in our division took up spots. It really isn't even the division's fault. Spots were unlimited until the volunteer coordinators decided to cut Key Club short because other groups wanted to volunteer, too. It's sad because our division signed up as one of the first way back in March. ): So sorry if you didn't make it into the 7. You can go on your own if you want to enjoy the festival? And don't worry, I'm not on the list either!

@Janet Ye
Hello. :3

Anonymous said...

Domic Tovar for Make music festival 1-3pm