Sunday, June 6, 2010


This Thursday afterschool in the auditorium is going to be our LAST meeting of the school year.

No worries though. Our FIRST summer meeting will be at our annual end-of-the-year BBQ at Almansor park under the blue roof by the pond.
It'll be on June 29th and it's going to start at 1:30PM.
Mr. Gin will be barbecuing hot dogs and burgers and your Vice President and President will be making hot wings! Yum!

We need everyone who plans to attend to sign up for this so that Mr. Gin can supply the right amount of food.

There will be a couple of activities/ice breakers and Dr. Foster is going to stop by for a short while!

We'll be havin' a good time and havin' a ball so bee there!


Eric L said...

Oh snap, I won't be in the country to attend the meetings... just my luck =\ ... oh well. have fun people.

Jenn Wong. said...

@Eric L.
Aww, that's so sad! I appreciate that you wanted to attend though. What country are you going to?

Anonymous said...

When will we have a fubraising at the ice skating rink???