Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Updated Hours

I fixed some hour discrepancies. Here's the updated file. If there's anything wrong, please contact me!

Happy Key Clubbing!
Your Secretary,
Connie Cheng


Eric L said...

I'm Eric L.
My time for Cherry Blossom is the following.

too lazy to type it out so i copied and pasted from my records that I keep...

Cherry Blossom Festival (8:30AM- 4:00PM) [helped set up tables, helped out at the teriyaki chicken booth, helped out by getting ingredients, ice, and box the food.]
April 18, 2010
@Barnes Park 350 S. McPherrin Ave. Monterey Park, CA 91754

Terri yaki!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Are the hours from the summer of 2009 counted with the school year's hours for the 50 hour requirement?

Michelle Fong said...

2009 summer counts towards 2010 hours. It's like this to accommodate the freshmen who join in the summer.

Eric L said...

So. . did you fix my hours for Cherry Blossom yet or is it going to be fixed on the next hour update?

Michelle Fong said...

Since our secretary Connie Cheng has the hour sheets it's best to talk to her. I remember you two were talking before last Thursday's meeting. If you gave her enough information she will change it.

The last time I asked her about your Cherry Blossom hours (which was before the meeting) we didn't have your sign-in time. If you told her last Thursday, then you're fine.

Eric L said...

Ok. Thanks =D