Monday, May 17, 2010

GOT SKILLS? Friday, May 21

There is this huge imbalance of shifts, so if you can switch to second shift by all means let us know and we'll switch you. First priority goes to people listed on this post. Otherwise, we'll reopen sign-ups again for second shift.

Changes are bolded.

Chaired by: Tiffany Wen
1) Nana Akahoshi
2) Yadanar Oo
3)Taylor Huynh
4)Nadia Inzunza
5)Kevin Chang
6) Lily Wong
7) Bryan Kim
8) Kelly Lam
9) Alan An
10)Judy Low

Chaired by: Connie Cheng and Tiffany Wen
1) Amy Nham
2) Calvin Eusebo
3) Alice Luu
4) Tiffany So
5) Tiffany Yu
6) Taylor Huynh
7) Kelvin Liang
8) Justin Truong
9) Judy Low
10)Alan An


Anonymous said...

Do we get to watch the show if we volunteer from 6-10?

Anonymous said...

wow seriously? i signed up.

Michelle Fong said...

Shift 1 is set-up, shift 2 is the show.

These are the people who confirmed they can go by circling their names on the sign up sheet. We had about 30 people initially sign up without it formally being on the agenda.