Sunday, May 2, 2010


Good morning Key Clubbers! It's Sunday!

This update comes in two parts:
1. Divisional hoodies.
2. Home club jackets.

FIRST NEWS: Division 10 South will be ordering sweaters!

They cost $20.00, but if you want your name / custom phrase on the back, it will cost $25.00.

The order for the first batch is due on May 7th. We are meeting the day before, so if you'd like one, you need to have your money and basic information (Name, ID, Size) ready at Thursday's meeting. You also need to write down EXACTLY what you'd like for your custom line.

I know this is very last minute, and probably inconvenient, but if you'd like to have one and cannot make up the money in time, don't worry!

There will be a second batch that we can place orders for.

However, if you are in the second batch, you will receive your sweater in June at the June DCM. For those who manage to order for this first batch, you will get it on May 16th at the DCM!

This is what it looks like!
Your name or phrase will go on the back underneath the names of all the schools in D10S where it says "INSERT NAME HERE."

If you cannot distinguish your colors correctly, this is white text on a navy sweater.
We will be taking orders at this Thursday's (May 6th) meeting. You MUST have your money to order one. There will not be any sign ups for this online, in Mr. Gin's room, or in your President's backpack.

SECONDARY NEWS: Make your final orders for your home club jackets!

In case you don't know what that means, your home club is the Key Club at the school you go to (which is San Gabriel High School). We have our amazing American Apparel jackets that we are taking orders for this final week. The deadline for this is May 7th. We have our meeting on the 6th where we will announce this more officially. However, for those who did not read this, they have a chance to place their order on the the following Friday. You may go to Mr. Gin's room, A211, during lunch to give him your NAME, ID Number, and SIZE. If that is not possible for you for some reason, find any one of our officers. If you do not know your officers, look to the right of this blogspot and you will see that listing there.
The price of these sweaters depend on the size of our total order, and so we will announce that price during the following week in the school bulletin. Your second period teachers are in charge of the daily bulletin, but if you have someone like Mr. Kanow, then you'll just have to check yourself. Or, you can go to the school website and download the bulletin everyday to check up. OR, you can just check back here. Or wait until the next Thursday to hear the price. OR. Yeah, you get it.

Happy Key Clubbing!

-Your proud president, Jennifer.


Jenny Le said...

Hey you guys! We're the Mount Rainier Key Club from the PNW. We were wondering what font you used for your teal shirts (Caring - Our Way of Life) and we were also wondering how successful you guys were with your shirt sales.