Sunday, February 14, 2010

*Completed hours will be printed for the whole club at the Mandatory Shakey's Meeting/Fundraiser/Election Results.

a. KEY-lections for 2010-2011 [ Elections: Thurs 18th @ School| Results: Thurs 25th @ Shakey’s ]
The election is next Thursday, the 18th! The results will be announced at the MANDATORY Shakey’s Fundraiser on the 25th.
b. Into the Blue [ For PTP @ Arcadia Recreation Center on February 19 from 8PM to 11PM ]
Meet (and dance with) people from Division 35 West and our own division, Division 10 South on Friday February 19th. It is at the Arcadia Recreation Center from 8PM to 11PM. Presale is $15 and $20 at the door; there is a limited amount of tickets. All proceeds are donated to Pediatric Trauma Prevention. They prevent unintentionally fatal injuries inflicted on children 14 and under; it is also the number one killer of this age group, but is 90% preventable.
c. Youth Summit [ Garvey Intermediate on February 20 from 7AM to 5PM ]
We will be in the workshops, helping out at booths, etc. from 7AM (changed from 8AM) to 5PM at Garvey Intermediate on the 20th, NOT the 13th. They need 100 volunteers, so we invited Courtesy Committee, and our buddy-club-of-the-month Don Bosco Key Club to help us out as well.
d. Convalescent Home Vista Cove [ 901 W. Santa Anita St. on February 13 from 2PM to 3PM or 4PM ]
Since this is on Valentine’s Day and Chinese New Year weekend, we should go spread some fortune/luck and love to the seniors over at Vista Cove! The service is 1-2 hours long. It is located at 901 West Santa Anita Street, about a 1 minute drive from school.
e. USC Dance Marathon [ For the Los Angeles Children’s Hospital @ USC on February 27 from 3PM to 3AM ]
Spend 12 hours on your feet on the dace floor to help raise money for the patients at the Los Angeles Children’s Hospital! Not the type of person to dance? Sponsor somebody who does! It is at the University of Southern California on Saturday, Feb 27 at 3PM. A pledge is $20 per person.
f. IHOP [ For the Children’s Miracle Network @ Any IHOP on February 23 from 7AM to 10PM ]
Bring friends, bring family. BRING THE DOG. BRING THE CAAAT. (Okay, maybe not the pets.) Basically, D10S wants YOU to help out by donating for a delicious stack of pancakes from IHOP. The money goes to the Children’s Miracle Network. It is on February 23, active from 7AM-10PM.


Anonymous said...

Why is the meeting MANDATORY? What if we can't make it?

Jennifer Wong said...

The meeting is mandatory because we're announcing election results, and all meetings should be mandatory anyway. If you have something with family, or if you're the guy with the birthday, then of course you don't have to be there. We'd just appreciate it if you were.

Anonymous said...

Whew... I took a risk by taking 2-3 hours at shakey to attend this MANDATORY meeting when I have 2 quizzes and 1 test the next day... -.- .....

Michelle Fong said...

You're a cool key clubber, anonymous. I risked some tests that Thursday too.

Hope everything turned out okay?

and like what Mr. Gin always says:
1. Family
2. School
3. Key Club
4. Everything else!

Anonymous said...

What style is the jacket and how much???