Thursday, December 3, 2009

I. Old Business

a. T-Shirts and Sweaters

Light blue t-shirts are available in Large for $10, while the dark blue comes in medium for $5. If you’re interested in a sweater for $25, don’t hesitate at all to sign up or let an officer know! We need at least 2 dozen members just like you to place the order. Also, please be aware that there will be events in the future where the t-shirt/sweater are required.

b. Articles

Our bulletin is the Key Club newspaper, and we are all the staff. Share your thoughts from an event with us! You can draw or submit photos. Our email is You get an hour for writing something at least 1 paragraph long.

  1. Dinner in the Park

Thanks everyone for taking time the time out of your own thanksgiving to help the less fortunate! Cool things happened that day, maybe the key clubbers who went can write about it as an article! I don’t want to spoil it.

II. New Business

  1. Rose Floats [ Dec. 12, 26, 27, 31 @ Rose Bowl 700 Seco St. Pasadena ]

Division 10 South is going to decorate floats together! Meet up with some friends from other schools that day and chop some petals, climb some scaffolding, and lots more together! (Or stick with SG kids, that’s awesome too.) We will go on two days, but so far we have not claimed any days in particular. The dates listen above are the possibilities, so for now it is TBA. Arrive on time, or earlier! The line gets long (but not as long as Dinner in the Park)

  1. Yogurt Land Fundraiser-Social [ @Yogurt Land ]

The polls have spoken, and you guys want to socialize with eachother and the officers, so let’s make that our goal while enjoying some (as your service chair likes to put it) fro-yo! We are also inviting Gabrielino and Mission’s key club over. There is going to be a facebook event online in this week, so join our facebook group to get notices/updates. (We won’t spam you, promise!)

  1. Convalescent Home[ Sunday Jan. 3 @ 415 South Garfield Avenue ~3 minute drive from SGHS ]

We will be visiting seniors at the Alhambra Convelescent home January. Spend a day with someone and make their day! More info TBA.