Sunday, December 20, 2009

Hey key clubbers! You might be wondering why I haven't upload the hours last week, and the reason is that I needed more time to actually finalize the roster, so I apologize for not letting you guys know earlier. Hopefully it didn't cause any confusion.

Added #3 & #4 onto last update's notes on your HOURS:
1. Sign in for yourself. (click to read more)
2. Put down your ID# EVERY TIME (click to read more)
3. You do not get hours unless you pay your dues and turn in your questionnaire (application).
You are not an official member until you pay and turn in the questionnaire, but we do keep track of your hours until you do. By February, any unpaid names will be deleted because it is not my job to keep track of non-members' hours.
4. The hours you receive from Fundraisers and Socials are calculated differently
Like meetings, fundraisers and socials will not give you the same number of hours you put in. Sometimes the time you actually stayed will be reduced to half, or you get 1 hour for just being there.

I went through all 200+ questionnaires, so no matter what: if turned in your application your name is on the *now alphabetical* roster. Let an officer know if your name is not. Download was updated 12/23/2009

  • If your name is bolded, it means you have not turned in your application/paid your dues. If you do not pay your dues by February I will delete your name off the roster because February is the last month our Division will allow us to accept new members.
  • If your name is italicized it means we simply do not have your ID. It is not too serious, but please do see to it that you give me your ID# if you do not regularly go to meetings or events.

Other than that it was a pleasure reading your questionnaires, which made going through the applications that much more bearable. : ) I hope I get to learn some of your faces this Wednesday at the ice skating fundraiser/interclub-social. You know, because I know all your names already, hahah! Remember to sign in and out to get 1/2 of your hours. (Better than nothing, right?)
Happy holidays!

-Michelle Fong


Michelle Fong said...

oh, and of course if you have any problems with your hours ask me at a meeting, email, etc. : )