Sunday, November 29, 2009

Update on Hours

Names aren't updated yet, so if you wrote me something, told an officer, or told me in person then you don't have to worry. Also, I forgot to mention last update that if you DID pay and you are not on the roster is mostlikely because you have not signed in to any meetings or events yet. Once I get the applications from Mr. Gin then your names will be added, or in some cases the Xs will go away.

^ Dinner in the Park won't be added until tomorrow.

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Hey guys, I don't think we ever had a chance to explain how I do the hours. So, here are a list of problems I saw today and think everyone should know about:

1. Sign in for yourself.
It gets suspicious sometimes, and I would appreciate it if you signed in with your own handwriting. (It is also quicker if they're really right next to you in line.) It is also more courteous to everyone else in line. Please understand that we DO take time to catch people who have other people signing in for them, and I'm asking this because I want to be fair to everyone who actually attends a meeting/event.

2. Put down your ID# EVERY TIME
It just happened while I was putting up hours that somebody did not bother to write down their ID number. I do NOT give hours to people without an ID number. No exceptions. It tells me that the person was not there. There are also several members with the same first and last name this year, so this can cause a lot of trouble. It's not too often that this happens, but it did so I feel that I should at least mention this.

There are still a few that I wanted to mention, but these two are the ones that I really wanted to post up this week. As time passes by, I'll be adding to this list so there is more clarity about your hours.

Nonetheless, 99% of you guys have been great. Work on your penmanship (haha), but other than that, I look forward to learning your names and meeting you guys in person :)

-Michelle Fong


a sophomore... said...

What about the article hours? Are you going to make a column for them?

Michelle Fong said...

Yes, the column is added when the bulletin comes out.

Since our bulletin was published last week, this week's update will have the column. : )