Thursday, November 19, 2009


Thanks to everyone who signed up to go to Key 2 College! Please read the following information about the event!


The Event will be located in the Humanities Building at UCLA.

UCLA CKI (Circle K International) has decided to cap the Key 2 College Program at 120 students.

Transportation will not be provided! You must find a way to get to UCLA. Due to the tight budget of the Key 2 College Program, we cannot accommodate everyone with rides. You must find a way to get to UCLA. The closest parking structures to the HUMANITIES BUILDING is Parking Lot 4 and 7. Some parking locations can be found here:

Click on Parking Structures & Lots

The fee should be $10 for daily parking. Try to carpool with other people from your school or area!

HELPERS will be at respected locations (Parking Lot 4 and 7 and Ackerman Turnaround) to pick students up and drop them off after the event is over.

If you are being dropped off, please go to Ackerman Turnaround (This Turnaround is near the entrance of Parking Lot 6; if you go North of Westwood BLVD all the way until the end, you will reach a slight turnaround); get dropped off by the benches and there will be volunteers/helpers helping students reach the Key 2 College Location

This year, we are having 4 workshops and a panel:

College 101

Creative Writing/Personal Statements

Financial Aid/Financing College

How to Get to College

Student Panel

Only light refreshments will be provided (i.e. water and light snacks). We highly advise you to bring about $5-10 for lunch. We will be pre-ordering food for students so please indicate if you are vegetarian or do not like a specific kind of meat!

Forward all your questions to Randy Mai