Thursday, October 8, 2009

October 8th Meeting!

If you have any questions about anything at all, feel free to I.M. " Sangabrielkey " !
I will post up any necessary links to maps on the side of the blogspot.

I. Old Business

a. Articles.
Want or need hours?! Well then write articles about services that you have been to! You will
be given 1 hour per article. Send them to Kailin[underscore] along with your
first and last name.

II. New Business

a. Club Dues.
Club dues are due by November 12! Dues are $11, please pay on time, or else you will have
to pay a late fee. You must have a completed questionnaire with your dues.

b. T-shirts and Sweaters.
New T-shirts are $10, old T-shirts are $5, and sweaters are $25. All sizes are available for
T-shirts but sweaters must be pre-ordered. We will only place an order for more sweaters
if more than a dozen people demand it. T-Shirt Design.

c. American Apparel Jackets for PTP.
If you purchased a jacket, the LTG has announced that it has arrived! We have raised a
total of $1733 for PTP

d. Beagles and Buddies 3rd Annual Fiesta.
This is on Sunday, October 11 @ the El Monte Kennel from 9AM-4PM. We only need 25
volunteers to run several booths & walk the dogs. The purpose of the fiesta is to raise
awareness and funds for dogs with special needs. You'll be assigned jobs at 9AM there, if
you signed up and you are one of the 25 volunteers, make sure you filled out the form that
you should've picked up after the meeting.

e. College Fair.
This is an event at our school from 4:30PM - 8:30PM on Wednesday, October 14. We
would be assistants, parking lot greeters, and gym entrance greeters. We're going to need
about 50 volunteers. Please wear your Key Club T-shirts and meet at the Quad at 4:30PM

f. Jamba Juice Fundraiser.
It is cancelled!

g. AIDS Walk
It's on Sunday, October 18. You MUST sign up ONLINE! We're not going to volunteer this
year, but instead we're going to walk with our division. If you want to come walk with us,
sign up here . click join
team, and then register with D10South - 0571. Arrive at West Hollywood park at 8:30 AM
to sign in. Carpool MIGHT not be available.

h. UNICEF (The United Nations Children's Fund).
UNICEF boxes have been given out, & must be returned by the first week of November.
The money raised would be used to provide education & health care to children in need
across the world. UNICEF boxes will continue all throughout the month of October.

i. Fall Rally.
This year's fall rally is on Saturday, November 14 @ Six Flags. The entrance price is $25
and must be paid by October 24. Next week's meeting would be the last day to pay. This
does not include the bus fee or the Spirit Pack. More info about that TBA. Link.

j. District Convention (DCON)
This year's DCON is held in Sacramento in Northern California. It will be from April 9-11.
We're fundraising earlier so that everyone can go for free. If you would like to go, please
help sell, or if you know a friend who's selling, please support them! You can get the snack
boxes in Mr. Gin's room (A211) before school, at lunch or after school.

All maps will be posted on the side of the blogspot. If you have any questions feel free to I.M. us!

Your Co-Historian, Tiffany Wen! :D