Friday, October 2, 2009

October 1st Agenda

Hey Key Clubbers. For those of you who didn't attend the last meeting or lost their agenda. This is the agenda with all the recent events. If you have questions, don't hesitate to ask the AIM, Sangabrielkey.

I.Old Business
a. Articles
Every tome you attend a service that you enjoyed, you can write an article and toy would receive 1 hour. Please send them to kailin[underscore] along with your first and last name.

II. New Business
a. Club Dues
The last day to pay for dues is
November 12; for those who fail to pay by the due date, there would be a late fee. This year the dues are $11 dollars. Completed questionnaires are needed to pay for the dues.
b. T-Shirts and Sweaters
This year the new T-Shirts are $10, old T-shirts are $5 and the sweaters are $25. T-shirts are available in almost all sizes however the sweaters have to be pre-ordered and there has to be at least 2 dozen orders.
c. American Apparel Jackets September 27-October 10; Last day to pay is October 8
Division 10 south is selling divisonal colors (blue/yellow) American Apparel Jackets for $25. Every other colors is $30. It's cheaper than the original price of $42. During the summer, the jackets have raised $1,733.00 for PTP and our LTG is bringing it back for 2 weeks.
d. Jamba Juice Fundraiser Saturday, October 10 @ Rosemead Jamba Juice from 12 pm to 6 pm
The fundraiser is on the day of the SAT so you can drop by for Jamba Juice to reward yourself after taking a 2-5 hours test. All profits would go toward PTP (Pediatric Trauma Prevention).
e. College Fair Wednesday, October 14 @ SGHS from 4:30 pm to 8:30 pm
This event is at school. We would be assistants, parking lot greeters and gym entrance greeter. We need 50 volunteers.
f. Beagles and Buddies 3rd Annual Fiesta Sunday, October 11 @ El Monte ennel from 11 am to 4 pm
Do you like puppies and dogs? We would be setting up, prganizing and helping with the fiesta. This service involves dogs so please be aware of allergies. 2661 Strozier Avenue El Monte, California 91732
g. Regional Training Conference (RTC) Saturday, october 17 @ Air & Quality Management District, Diamond Bar from 9am to 3 pm
Are you interested in being a Key Club offier or do you want to know more about Key Club? This year's RTC is far but carpool with the division is available. 21865 Copley Drive, Diamond Bar Ca 91765-418
h. AIDS Walk Sunday, October 18 @ Los Angeles
There is a change in plans for AIDS Walk instead of volunteering; this year we are going to walk along with the division. Everyone planning to walk has to register online at click on join teram and register with D10South-0571. Arrive at West Hollywood Park at 8:30 AM to sign in. 647 N. San Vicente Blvd, West Hollywood, CA 90069. Carpool might not be available.
i. Fall Rally Saturday, November 14 @ Six Flags
This year's Fall Rally is scheduled for November 14th. The price would be between $35-45 and the last day to pay for it is October 24. more information about Fall RAlly would be given out at the next meeting.
j. District Convention (DCON) April 9-11th @ Sacramento
This year it is held in Northern California therefore, we would need to fundraise for it earlier so we can have everyone go for free. DCON is where all the Key Clubs in CNH (California-Nevada-Hawaii) come together and attend workshops, dances and many other exciting activities.
k. Unicef
Unicef is an organization that helps children in Africa. As Key Clubbers, we do this every year in October so everyone can go Trick-or Treating for Unicef. Those who sign up at the meeting would recieve their boxes next week. The boxes have to be returned by the first week or November.

Shirley Au