Thursday, October 15, 2009

October 15, 2009 -- Read to the bottom of the post, there's a new event added!!

I. Old Business

a) Articles

Every time you attend a service that you enjoyed, you can write an article and you would receive 1 hour. Please send articles to kailin[underscore] along with your first and last name.

b) T-Shirts and Sweaters

This year the new T-shirts are $10 dollars, old T-shirts are $5 and the sweaters are $25. T-shirts are available in all sizes however the sweaters have to be pre-ordered and there has to be at least a dozen orders.

c) Beagles and Buddies

Thanks to the 25 people that went to bring awareness to the special dogs. Hope everyone had a great time.

d) College Fair

Thanks to the 50-60 people that helped out yesterday

II. New Business

a) Club Dues

The last day to pay for dues is November 12; for those who fail to pay by the due date, there would be a late fee. This year the dues are $11 dollars. Completed questionnaires are needed to pay for the dues.

b) RTC & DCM Saturday, October 17 @ Diamond Bar (10 am- 4:30 pm)

There is going to be carpool to RTC however, it would cost a few dollars. Carpool would meet up at Almansor Park at 9 AM. RTC would cost $10 dollars and that includes lunch. Talk to an officer after the meeting concerning RTC. 21865 Copley Dr Diamond Bar, CA 91765-4178

c) AIDS Walk Sunday, October 18 @ Los Angeles

Must sign up online!! This year we are going to walk along with the division. Everyone planning to walk has to register online at click on Join a Team and register with D10South- 0571. Arrive at West Hollywood Park at 8:30 AM to sign in. 647 N San Vicente Blvd, West Hollywood, CA 90069 Carpool might be available to those who need it however, it would cost a few dollars. Carpool would meet up at Almansor Park also. Remember to sign up with an officer at AIDS Walk; they would be near the Registration booth.

d) Jamba Juice Fundraiser Saturday, October 24 @ Jamba Juice in Rosemead (12 pm- 6 pm)

All profits go to PTP (Pediatric Trauma Prevention). The fundraiser is on the same day as Tag away. You can get yourself a drink after the service 3584 Rosemead Blvd. Rosemead CA 91770

e) Shakey’s night Thursday, November 12 @ Las Tunas Shakey’s (6 pm-9 pm)

Shakey’s night is MANDATORY. It would be the last day to pay for club dues. On that day, there won’t be a general meeting after school instead it would be at Shakey’s. There would be Key Club members from Mission High school and Gabrielino High School. 866 E. Las Tunas Dr San Gabriel, CA 91776

f) Fall Rally Saturday, November 14 @ Six Flags

This year’s Fall Rally is scheduled for November 14th. The price for the ticket to Six Flags is $25 dollars. The last day to turn in money for Fall Rally is October 20th at A211. Money must be in a sealed envelope with your name and ID on it. This cost only covers for the ticket; it doesn’t include the bus fee or the spirit pack. Those would be charged separately.

g) District Convention (DCON) April 9-11th @ Sacramento

This year it is held in Northern California therefore, we need to fundraiser for it earlier so we can have everyone go for free. The healthy snacks have been delivered and we would start selling as soon as we can. We encouraged that everyone to either sell some snacks or support the people selling them.

h) UNICEF (The United Nations Children’s Fund ) October

UNICEF boxes would be given out today and they must be returned by the first week of November. UNICEF boxes would continue for all of October. The money raised would be used to provide education and health care to children in need across the world.


Hey Key Club members, there is one more a NEW event in October. It is called TAG AWAY GRAFFITI. The Youth Council (YC) invited us to volunteer with them. For every 10 volunteers, one YC chaperon is needed. Without YC, key Club can't volunteer there.

During this event, we would be "tagging away graffiti" and cleaning up to beautify the community.

This event is on the same day as the Jamba Juice Fundraiser however, it would end before the fundraiser starts.

Saturday October 24, 2009 - 8:00 a.m. to Noon
Meet at Barnes Park Amphitheater, Monterey Park
Must be at least thirteen years old
Receive a bunch of freebies, prizes, t-shirts, honors, awards, and even scholarships! Lunch will be provided.

This event would be beneficial to all you SENIORS, this events offers
scholarships. At the event, there are going to be two different
s: one for Senior and one for underclassmen. Therefore, seniors
might be given different jobs.

To sign-up IM me. If there are any questions, feel free to contact the SANGABRIELKEY aim sn.