Thursday, August 20, 2009

Update :D

I. Old Business

A. Freshmen Summit
Thanks for coming & helping out! :D

II. New Business

A. Health Fair [Saturday, August 22; 8AM - 4Pm]
We'll be assisting doctors by being their runners & signing in their patients. If you are
interested in the Medical field, you should come & hang around the doctors to observe
B. Registration [Tues-Fri, August 25-28 @ Pupils Services from 7AM - 4PM]
We'll be filing records & working in the book room & the ID room. We'll be meeting up at
the Guidance Office. Wear your key club shirts and also bring some money for lunch. If
you've worked for at least a day, you get to cut the lines on your registration date.
C. Walk 4 Hope & Dog Show [Saturday, August 29; 8AM-4PM]
This is brought to you by SGV Humane Society. Proceeds go to Humane Society's "Save
Our Shelter" fund. The orientation is on the 28th @ the same place, it's recommended that
you show up.
D. Walk to LA [Saturday, September 5th @ 5AM]
We'll be manning the food booth. More info TBA.
E. 238th La Fiesta de San Gabriel [Sunday September 6th; 3PM - 11:30PM]
This Fiesta celebrates the founding of San Gabriel as the 4th discovered original Missions.

If you have any questions, feel free to I.M. SANGABRIELKEY, or leave a wall post on Facebook.
Your Co-Historian, Tiffany Wen!

All maps will be on the side.