Saturday, August 22, 2009


The following information is more important than ever.

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(The circles in the picture indicate how many volunteers will be there; the arrows are pretty self-explanatory).

Registration this year will start at the New Cafeteria, not at the Old Cafeteria.

Because of the budget cuts, this will be a bigger mission than ever. We need all the Key Clubbers possible!

To start, people will line up along the big old gym, just like they would for lunch. We'll have 2 Key Clubbers managing the line, and admitting people in. These 2 people also have to look out for certain people with fastpasses. Fastpasses are new this year and were given out to freshmen and peer counselors at the freshmen summit. People with fastpasses go straight to the front and will be admitted right away.

Inside, we'll have 3 people collecting ASB and yearbook purchases (handlin' the $$).

Then, we'll have about 15+ people collecting registration forms, and filing them.

People collecting forms also need to check certain information; more will be explained on the day of.

People who are filing away the forms also need to stick on labels to the emergency cards. We'll show you how on the day of.

NOTE: This is also where freshmen and sophomores will be picking up their schedules.

After that, we have 2 people directing traffic to the food services table. This job is very simple and probably boring, so these volunteers will be switched out very often with the other volunteers in the new cafe.

At the food services, there will be none of Key there.

The 2 people at the door will be upperclassmen. This is because they need to check the students' schedules for errors. They also need to direct juniors and seniors to the library classroom and freshmen and sophomores directly to the ID room. Freshmen and sophomores will NOT see their counselors. They will only go if they have errors on their schedules. Having the "wrong teacher" is not an error, guys.

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Next, the students will head over to the library or the ID room, depending on their grade.

We need 3 people in/outside the library to manage the line and the amount of people to let in. Those students will then sit in their respective row according to which counselor their have.

If you catch people cutting, send them to the end of the line.

NOTE: Fastpasses work for this line too.

Then, we'll have 2 volunteers admitting people from the library classroom into the actual library to go see their counselors.

Inside the library, we'll need about 7 people to be runners, completing whatever tasks they ask you to do. In addition that, there's a new part of the process this year. Credit checks (as in how many credits you earned in high school for whatever classes you took; not credit, as in like credit cards). These people will also be handing out SAT-related material.

At the same time, we'll have 3 Key clubbers stationed at MS-5 (aka, the ID room) to assist Beta (the lady in the office with the short curly hair) and to manage the line.

NOTE: Fastpasses apply here too.

Furthermore, we'll need 3 people in the undergroud (aka the textbook dungeon) to pass out textbooks to the students. These three people need to be upperclassmen so that they can recognize which books go to which classes.

NOTE: Students HAVE TO have their ID and their CLASS SCHEDULE in order to receive their textbooks.


we'll need people to be runners. These runners will have miscellaneous jobs. In addition, some people will take breaks from their jobs to go around the school and make sure the signs are still in tact. (These signs will be huge and put up around the school to show students where to go).

Thanks for reading this VERY important update!

More information will be given on the day of registration, but reading this is very crucial preparation!

REMEMBER: Key Club volunteers are practically the foundation of Registration this year. Do your job well and try not to socialize too much!

See you all on tuesday!