Saturday, August 1, 2009

July 31 Agenda

I. Old Business

A. D10 Carwash
Thanks for coming! We raised a total of $175 for a great cause! :D

B. Freshmen Summit
This was a very interesting service. It was a new experience! We set-up, had a lunch rush & more.

II. New Business

A. Registration
We'll be working at Registration in the last week of August (25-28) at school 7AM - 4PM
(Time is subject to change). Students who volunteer with us get to CUT the long lines!
Please show up wearing a Key Club shirt! Also bring some money for lunch, lunch is going
to be bought at a fast-food place. Meet Up at Pupils Services to pick up names tags & job.
P.S. Training is on the week of August 17.

Meet new people! Attend DCM at Almansor park @ 1PM on the 30th at the benches near
the basketball courts. Food is provided! :D

If you have any questions, feel free to I.M. SANGABRIELKEY

Your Co-Historian, Tiffany Wen!