Friday, May 15, 2009

Meeting of May 14

I. Old Business

a. Contacts

b. Articles
Submit articles for a sweet chance at being published into our monthly newsletter! If you enjoyed a certain event, then you should put it into writing so you can remember it forever, and also send it to our email:, so that we can also know your wonderful experience!

c. People For People
Thanks to all those who came to help us load canned foods! We ended up finishing early & were awarded with free hotdogs and a BBQ!

II. New Business

a. Sweaters
Those who sign up to buy a sweater but haven't paid yet, can you please pay the $21 before tuesday or by the end of lunch on tuesday to Mr.Gin's room (A211)

b. Relay for Life
On the weekend of may 16&17, we'll be helping out at Relay for Life at Alhambra Park [address & map to the right].
Saturday's Shift: 7AM - 3PM ; Sunday's Shift: 7AM - 10AM.
Early in the morning, we'll be prepping/serving food, handling check-in for teams, and much more. If you've been waiting for a event that's meaningful, then you should go to this one! Last year, at this same event, we wrote words of encouragement to children and teen cancer patients, at the end of our shift.

c. LA Marathon
The 24th annual Los Angeles Marathon is a 5K walk at Figueroa & Pico. On monday, May 25th (no school). Sign up at Group name : San Gabriel HS Key Club & Password : blueturtles. I will update this as soon as i get my hands on more information.

d. SGHS Key Club Annual BBQ
WHOO! School's almost over and that means our annual BBQ is getting closer! Food and drinks are provided, as well as games and activities! It is held on JUNE 17 from 12:00PM - 3:30PM at Almansor Park. If you have inactive friends, you should invite them to this BBQ & sign up for them at a key club meeting! We'll also be giving out awards to members and for appreciation of your service, us board of awesome officers will be performing a secret dance for you guys! You don't want to miss out on this! Food : Hot Dogs, Tofu-Dogs, Hot Wings, Salad. Drinks : tons of SODA!