Tuesday, May 5, 2009

meeting of april 30

I AM SOO SORRRY KEY CLUBBERS! but I got distracted by sweater designing and such, but im updating now. - Your Co-Historian Tiffany Wen

I. Old Business

a. Contacts
Myspace: www.myspace.com/sghskeyclub
Email: sangabrielkeyclub@yahoo.com

b. Articles
Submit articles for a sweet chance at being published into our monthly newsletter! If you enjoyed a certain event, then you should put it into writing so you can remember it forever, and also send it to our email: sangabrielkeyclub@yahoo.com, so that we can also know your wonderful experience!

c. Grapevine Festival
The event was Great! Those whom went early in the morning had finished the jobs before noon, so most of us just explored the wonderful festival. We got lots of free stuff, and we had the chance to vote on paintings in an Art Gallery! If you missed out, there's always next year!

d. Cinco de Mayo Celebration
Thanks to all those that showed up! Thanks for the help, its greatly appreciated. We walked around and sold raffle tickets for $1.

II. New Business

a. Relay for Life
On the weekend of may 16&17, we'll be helping out at Relay for Life at Alhambra Park [address & map to the right].
Saturday's Shift: 7AM - 3PM ; Sunday's Shift: 7AM - 10AM.
Early in the morning, we'll be prepping/serving food, handling check-in for teams, and much more. If you've been waiting for a event that's meanignful, then you should go to this one! Last year, at this same event, we wrote words of encouragement to children and teen cancer patients, at the end of our shift.

b. SGHS Key Club Annual BBQ
WHOO! School's almost over and that means our annual BBQ is getting closer! Food and drinks are provided, as well as games and activities! Us officers and Mr. Gin are still in the process of planning it, but we are set on the date of June 17th! (mark it on your calendars) You should attend because it's after school ends, and it's before summer school starts, so if you're interested, please sign up with an officer at the general meetings(this is just for a head count). More Information TBA.