Sunday, April 5, 2009

Old Business
A) Contacts and Info
  • Keep in touch with us! Our primary website is and our AIM is SANGABRIELKEY. Email:
B) T-Shirts & Sweaters
  • $10 for this year's baby blue shirts, and $5 for last year's navy blue. We won't be getting new t-shirts this year because of surplus, but we ARE getting sweaters by preorder around $20-40! Send your design online or in person during a meeting or during an officer meeting (Tuesdays during lunch in room A211- Mr Gins room). Send your design online during spring break is the best. Scanned is fine, even if the quality is low.
C) Articles
  • Submit an article and see it on our next bulletin! It doesn't have to sound fancy, just be yourself. Write about the any event from this semester then include a picture and send it to along with your first and last names + ID number. You will get 30 minutes for each article, 1 hour if you're a first-timer.
D) Miss Key Club Pageant and DCM
  • Though we didn't place (because a certain Vice President can't throw a dessert together in 10 minutes), it was hilarious to watch.

New Business
  • April 3rd is when people going to DCON will leave to Anaheim Convention center. Thanks to those who helped us raise money, we wouldn't be this lucky without you guys.
F) Pancake Breakfast [ Saturday April 11 ; 6-12PM ; SMITH PARK ]
  • Three Shifts: 6-8am, 8-10am, 10-12pm.
  • The annual pancake breakfast is coming up! We'll be serving pancakes, inflating balloons, helping with the Easter Hunts, and more on the 11th at Smith Park.
  • See your newly elected officers take turns manning the pink bunny costume!
  • Breakfast is provided a little later on after the first shift.
F) Kiwanis Luncheon [ Thursday April 9th ; 12pm-1:30pm ; HILTON HOTEL ]
  • We'll be having lunch with the Kiwanis at noon during their meeting at the Hilton Hotel on Valley Blvd.
  • Please dress nicely.
  • Spaces are FILLED.
  • If you cannot go please find a replacement or tell us so we can arrange one for you.
H) Kiwanis One Day [ Saturday April 18 ; LIVE OAK PARK ; ADDRESS: 10144 Bogue St., Temple City Ca 91780]
  • Kiwanis are having a festival for children where booths are run purely by Key Clubs!
  • Though not final, our booth will most likely do "fishing", where children will toss a rod over a big picture of the ocean and "catch" a prize. Nobody loses in our booth!
  • More info on time/shifts TBA.
I) Grapevine Festival [ Saturday April 25 ; 4 shifts 6-8:30PM ; South Mission Drive between Broadway & Mission Road]
  • Shifts: 6am-10am ; 10am-1pm; 1-4pm ; and 4-8:30pm.
  • More info tba.
  • Previously named "San Gabriel Street Festival"