Sunday, February 22, 2009


I. Old Business

A. Contacts

Welcome to our blogspot & thanks for visiting! Do you need more information? IM us on SANGABRIELKEY and an officer will help you! Check the buddy info for the most recent news.

B. Articles
Submit your articles now! You get an hour for each one you write!

C. T-Shirts
New ones are $10, old ones $5. If you're going to DCON, you MUST have a SGHS Key Club T-Shirt!

D. Shakey's Night Fundraiser
We made $184, as well as history with our new officers of 2009-2010! And big thanks to all of you who supported us! :D

II. New Business

A. District Convention (DCON) 2009
This year's convention is held from April 3rd-5th at the Anaheim Convention Center. We Made more than $4000 selling the snacks! Keep supporting us!

B. Ice Skating
This is an interclub with Courtesy Committee on Saturday, February 28 from 8PM-10:30PM. Tickets are $10; If you sell a ticket, you get 1/2 hour.

C. Let It Rock
This is a D10 charity dance and proceeds go to PEM. It is held on March 13 from 6PM-12AM at the Rosemead Recreation Center. Tickets are $15. Yellow/gold/black casual-semiformal wear.

We need volunteers to help make decorations at Judy's house on Saturday, February 28 from 10AM-4PM

D. Black History Parade and Festival
Thanks to all those who went!

E. Shakespeare League Benefit Production of the Wizard of Oz
We need ushers and STRONG volunteers to hold the harnesses for flying effects at the Ambassador Auditorium on Saturday, March 7 from 1PM-6PM. Benefits will go to Ronald Mcdonald's House Charity and Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Research. So come and help save some lives.

F. Save Our Planet: Electronic Waste Collection Event
We'll be helping out on Saturday and Sunday, March 7th & 8th from 9AM-4PM at SGHS. Spread the word.

G. Pasadena Marathon
Sign up now on Go to support and click on volunteers. Join the San Gabriel High School Key Club group. The password you get from your agenda or you can ask an officer on the sangabrielkey SN. We'll be distributing goody bags. The shift is on March 22nd at the Pasadena Convention Center from 8:30-1:30PM.

This is my first update, so forgive me if i made mistakes

-Tiffany Wen, Co-Historian of 09-10


Michelle Fong said...

shizzz i love the colors. why're your agendas nicer than mine. LMAO


because you're lame, michelle.