Thursday, February 5, 2009

last edited 2/9, pasadena marathon date

Elections were exciting, weren't they! You guys are a great crowd for being so sincere to listen to everybody and for having so much spirit throughout the entire TWO hours! I've got bruises from clapping, but they're bruises I'm proud to have.

Lisa Le, Elaine Tam, Genton Mo, Tony Nim, Tiffany Quach, Jennifer Wong, Sandy Wu, Shirely Au, Myself (LOL), Sandy Van, Georgina Wang, Diana Chao, Annie Phung, Kenny Ho, Bryan Kim, Laurie Ou, Selina Yap, Connie Cheng, Amy Nam, Michelle Phan, Tina Luu, Tiffany Wen, Kailin He, and Kitty Lin!!! You all deserve a big pat on the back for doing a fantastic job! Getting up there to talk takes GUTS!

And here.. one of my last agenda updates. Have you guys noticed the past 3 weeks we've had our agendas in yellow, blue, then white? YOU DIDN'T, HUH!? Well that's okay, here's the agenda:

Old Business
A. Contacts and Information
Thanks for coming guys! This info not cuttin' it for you? Add sangabrielkey on AIM for VERY fresh news!

B. T-Shirts
$10 for NEW tshirts, $5 for OLD tshirts! If you're going to DCON, be sure you own a tshirt from SGHS Key. It can be from your freshman year, as long as it has SGHS KEY on it.

C. Articles
They are the things that make DCM newsletters interesting! Also, without these you won't get any bulletins. ):

New Business
A. District Convention (DCON) 2009
This year's convention is held at Anaheim Convention Center from April 3 to 5. You guys are doing a GREAT job selling! Pick up your registration form for the convention from Mr. Gin.

B. Shakey's Night
This is next Thursday, February 12 from 6PM-9PM. We are going to announce our new officers that night so come and support!

C. Conclave
Vote for your next Lietenant Governer on Saturday, February 21 at the Rancho Cucamonga District Office. 8360 Red Oak St. #201 Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91730. If you haven't heard yet, we've split into two! We're now D10 SOUTH! Other schools in D10 south, luckily, are our good friends we buddy club with are in D10 south too! They are: Alhambra, Don Bosco, Gabrielino, Mark Kepple, Montebello, Ramona, Rosemead, Schurr, San Gabriel Mission, Woodrow Wilson

This month's DCM will be held on Sunday, February 22nd at Almansor Park at 1:00PM.

F. Pasadena Marathon
This event will be held on March 22nd. Go to and go to support and click on volunteers. Join the San Gabriel High School Key Club group. The password is on the agenda. Ask sangabrielkey for the password if you don't have an agenda. Our job is to distribute goody bags during the expo from 8:30AM-1:30PM. If you signed up with us online through AIM, your name is already in it. There are limited spaces.

G. Ice Skating
This is an interclub with Courtesy Comittee! It will be held on Saturday, February 28 from 8PM-10:30PM. The tickets are $10 and we also need you to sell tickets! You get 1/2 hour per ticket sold.