Thursday, January 8, 2009

Positions and a Brief Description

Positions and a Brief Description

President (Lisa Quach)- Attends all events. Independence, lead, organize, and delegate. Tons of work ahead and responsibility. Needs to be social and assertive. Leads officer meetings and regular meetings, which means attending all events. Assign officer's jobs and makes sure they do it. mingle with officers, staff, faculty, and advisors.

Vice President (Kevin Lee)- Replaces the president in meetings or events when the president is not available. Aids president whenever in need through thick and thin. Establishes a good relationship among officers, staff, faculty, and advisors.

Secretary (Elaine Tam)- Types up the agenda as well as MRFs which are monthly reports on how the club is doing. He or she also updates the hours (which Elaine says by they way takes hours) Loads of work ahead. The Secretary leads if the President and Vice President cannot make it to something. Preferably neat and organized.

Treasurer (Julie Ha)- Sets up fundraisers and attends ICC meetings. Loves to work with money. Lives, breathes, and smells like money. Establishes a good relationship with staff in activities office and bank lady. Fills out forms to turn in to EB.

Historian (Michelle Fong)- Works well with computers and loves to edit, design, and express one’s creativity. The photographer of the cabinet. Must have knowledge of HTML as well as CSS in order to properly edit the Myspace.

Service Chair (Jennifer Wong)- Looks for service for the club, so members achieve their hours of community service to stay committed and active. Hours look good on college apps! Also sets up socials and interclub with other key clubs in the division, so you have to be social and a people-person.

Sergeant At Arms (Steven Ngo)- Keeps the club running smoothly. Makes sure no one is talking while an officer, advisor, or Kiwanis is talking. Without S.O.A. the club would be chaotic. Assertiveness is what we’re looking for.

Bulletin Editor (Joan Truong)- Uses a CD to format pages similar to a newsletter. It is read by everyone and the number of newsletters a year is entirely up to the Bulletin Editor.

Advisory Board (Elvin Ng , Annie Liu, Sandy Wu, Joyce Tsan, and Tuanh Phan)- Not a position to run for but is a collection of the officers selected to be a team to help out the cabinet. Helps to build a better club, gives advice, and is asked for help when another officer is in need. Establishes a good relationship with other schools.