Thursday, January 8, 2009

I. Old Business
A. Blogspot

Thanks for visiting guys!

B. T-Shirts
Get your T-Shirts for $10 during a meeting!

C. Float Decorating
Thanks to those of you who went. Many of you didn't get to sign in and that's understandable so if you were one of the people who did not get a chance to sign in talk to Elaine Tam next meeting.

D. Articles
You should write articles! We're not asking for alot just a paragraph! Your articles will be featured on the newsletters at the DCM and our bulletins as well! Write about recent events you've attended like Rose Floats and the luncheon. You get hours for writing, as well as help out the club!

II. New Business
A. District Convention (DCON) 2009
This year's convention is held at the Anaheim Convention Center from April 3rd to 5th (spring break). Registration is $152 plus hotel fees if paid by February 27th. This year's theme is Bee a Hero! You get to meet people from all over California, Nevada, and Hawaii, attend the fabulous Governer's ball, get awards, go to different workshops, and LOTS MORE! If you plan on going, you can also sign up for a business internship in theatrical staging or photography during your stay in Anaheim. We still need the number of people planning on going. Fundraising materials will be here soon. You have to sell 10 boxes of snacks if you want to go for free.

B. Southern California Debate League Spring Debate
Friday Schedule – 3:00pm to 8:00/9:00pm Saturday Schedule – 7:00/8:00pm to 2:00/3:00pm. Bring lunch/dinner or money to purchase from debate team’s food market and dress AT LEAST in semi-formal. (Flats are good, converse are not. No jeans.) Remember you're representing SGHS along with the debate team!

C. Elections
We're doing it a little differently this year. The elections will be held on February 5th. The voting and the speeches will be delivered and the winners will be announced during the following meeting at a Shakey's Fundraiser. An officer-training meeting will be held for those who wish to run for an office. Quick information of officer positions:

D. Officer Training
Planning to be an officer? more info TBA

E. Government Elections
We're splitting into two divisions. If you want to be apart of the division board (like how Judy is), atten the meeting at Rancho Cucamonga. Interested? Talk to Lisa to get the address.

F. Kiwanis Luncheon
This is a luncheon that's hosted by the Pasadena Kiwanis. It's held at the University Club. 175 North Oakland Avenue, Pasadena, from 12:00 PM - 2:00PM. Seating is limited, and you MUST wear semi formal clothing.

At our usual spot in Almansor Park; next to the basketball courts. DCMs always start at 1:00pm, as Judy once told me.

H. Shakey's Fundraiser/ Election Night!
The big night: Candidates will be delivering their speeches, votes will be casted, and they will be counted all on the same night! Be there! Every one of your votes matter (:

I. Into the Blue Dance
We know it's on the same day as Sadie's but as Lisa says; pictures are cheaper here! Haha. Lots of food, no need for volunteering this time, and you get to meet key clubbers from other districts!

J. Senior Scholarships
Get your forms from Lisa OR go to to apply. Our visitor today was Gloria, the previous Bulletin Editor. She's now studying at Berkeley and you know what? She had the senior scholarship too.