Friday, January 1, 2010

Fun Facts

+The California-Nevada-Hawaii District is the largest Key Club district as of May 2008. The second biggest district is HALF its size!

+ We used to be just Division 10, but split into Division 10 North and Division 10 South because the division was too large. Our official split was in April 2009. (But we're still BFF divisions, right D10N?)

+Key Club used to be a males-only club. Keywanettes (Kee-wah-nets) was established in 1973/74 for females. They are now both co-ed, and Keywanettes changed their name to Kiwin's (Kee-wins).

+Bill Clinton used to be a Key Clubber. Same with... Tom Cruise, Brad Pitt, Elvis Presley, and Howard Stern!

+ Key Club colors are: blue for unwavering character, white for purity, and gold for service.

+The first Key Club began in May 1925 in Sacramento, California. (Another reason why Cali-Nev-Ha is #1!)

Updated as more fun facts come up! Feel free to comment with your own (along with the source)!