Friday, November 21, 2008

We have our 08-09 roster posted! If you want to see your hours in detail, click here. If you just want to quickly find your name then they're all posted here.

Hey Key Clubbers, don't forget that our meetings are in the cafeteria now!

Old Business
a. Articles
You get one hour per article. You can write about recent services or events. You can write as many as you want (two or more paragraphs) and you can include pictures if you want! They will not only be read by our key clubbers, but also by the key clubbers from our division. Send them to Lisa, at and to our LTG at

b. T-Shirts
We still have this year and last year's designs in all sizes. The new tshirts are $10, the old ones are $5. Tshirts are very helpful during services because it helps us distinguish our volunteers apart from other volunteers. It also makes you look special and it makes Key Club look good :) Buy them during meetings or go to Mr. Gin's room.

c. Pasadena Marathon
We apologize for the last minute cancellation, the smoke made the air quality in Pasadena unsafe to have a marathon, so we will tell you the new date when we get information.

New Business
a. Fall Rally!!
Fall rally will be on Saturday, December 13. If you need a replacement, please tell Lisa first and we will find one for you. Meet up at Rosemead High School at 7AM for the spirit workshop before the bus comes. Be sure to remember these cheers so we can win the spirit competition! We have people watching and marking us if we don't cheer so get to Rosemead High on time!
[ Saturday / December 13 / Rosemead High School, Six Flags / 7AM ]

b. Unicef Boxes
Unicef boxes were due on Nov. 6 but you can still turn your box in to Mr. Gin tomarrow, or ASAP. As Mr. Gin said in the meeting, only one person didn't turn in his box.

c. RTC
A Regional Training Conference is for those of you who plan to be an officer next year in February! It is held at Oak Ave Intermediate in Temple City on November 22. The address is 6623 Oak Avenue. Bring $5 for materials. Food is provided.
[ Saturday / 11.22.2008 / Temple City / 1-6PM]

d. DCM
This month's DCM is held on Saturday, November 29 at Almansor Park at 1:00PM. We are meeting up at our usual spot, the benches next to the basketball courts. Food is always provided.
[ Saturday / 11.29.2008 / Alhambra / 1PM-2PM ]

e. Sweetberry Fundraiser
It will be on collaboration day, December 10 at Sweetberry on Valley 400 E. Valley Blvd. San Gabriel. The proceeds from this event will go to our savings for DCON in Anaheim so those of you going won't have to pay so much.
[ Wednesday / 12.10.2008 / San Gabriel / Time TBA]

f. Dinner in the Park
Not doing anything on Thanksgiving? Celebrating earlier or maybe your family just don't celebrate Thanksgiving? Well how about spending time at Central Park (Pasadena) and help feed those who are less fortunate. Interested, go to 219 S. Fair Oaks Ave. from 9AM to 4pm.
[ Thursday / 11. 27.2008 / Pasadena / 9AM-4PM ]