Thursday, October 30, 2008

Old Business
a. Articles
You get one hour per article. Feel free to write about any recent services or events. Fellow key clubbers within our entire division will get to read them (pretty cool huh?) Don't forget grammar/spellcheck! After you're done, send it to Lisa at and to our LTG at

b. Tshirts
We have both the old and new t-shirts in all sizes. Come by Mr. Gin's room to buy one. Remember to wear your Tshirts Monday because it's Key Club Week! The new tshirts are $10 and the old Tshirts are $5.

New Business

a. Buddy Walk
The Buddy Walk was established by the National Down Syndrome Society to celebrate Down Syndrome Awareness month (October), and to promote the acceptance and inclusion of people with down syndrome. It is held on this Sunday, November 2 at the Santa Anita Race Track, 285 W. Huntington Drive, Arcadia. Enter gate 6 at Colorado Blvd and Colorado Place. Be there by 9AM.

b. Halloween Fun Night
Are you trick or treating tomarrow? If you're not, then why not spend the night having fun? This event is held at the Highland Parks Recreation Center, 6150 Piedmont Ave., Los Angeles. We will be The event starts at 5:00PM and ends at 9:00PM but we want our key clubbers to get there by 4PM.

Nov 3: Wear your Key Club shirts to kick off Key Club week '08!
Nov 4: Teacher Appreciation Day. Give your teacher something to show your appreciation!
Nov 5: Connect to K's Day
Nov 6: Bring a friend to key club! If this is a success, you and your new key clubbing friend get candy :)
Nov 7: Soccer for HIV/AIDS

e. Home Walk LA
This 5k walk raises money and awareness and resources to end homelessness in the LA County. This service is held on Saturday, November 15 at Exposition Park, 700 Exposition Park Drive, Los Angeles. It is on the same day as Fall Rally, so if you're not going you can come to this service and even change a homeless person's life for the better.

f. Unicef Boxes
Get your own cute little orange box (or cool and masculine orange box, whichever you prefer) Bring your ID card with you to Mr. Gin. The boxes are due after Fall Rally.