Friday, September 12, 2008

First School Year Agenda (last edited tuesday, september16)

submit your articles and get one easy hour for it! send them to and to our LTG, Judy, at Add a picture for an extra bonus for the club :)

A. Club Dues & Tshirts
Club dues are $13 this year (1 more dollar than last) because unfortunately, Kiwanis International increased the price. Late fees come into effect on October 16. Having a key club tshirt really helps because it's easier to tell who is who. The new tshirts cost $10 each, hurry before the sizes run out! Old tshirts are $5.

B. Pencil Project
Bring almost-new, nice and long sharpened pencils or completely new ones to donate. 50 pencils = 1 hour. These pencils will go to the schools in third-world countries that need school supplies. Bring them to an officer during DCM.

C. Library Tree Planting
We are going to help plant trees alongside several other clubs from our school at the newly remodeled Alhambra Library. The address is 410 W. Main Street this Saturday, September 13, from 8AM-2PM.

D. Mr. Key Club/ September Divisional Council Meeting
Mr. Key Club is a beauty pageant with our very own D10 guys. Representing our school's key club is none other than the Vice President, Kevin Lee; be sure to cheer him on! Winners are auctioned off on dates at the end. DCM follows right after. It is held on September 27 from 11AM-3PM and costs $3. More info TBA.

E. D10 Carwash
This event is held on Saturday, September 27th at 10AM-3PM at San Merino High School. The proceeds go to PEM/PTP, which helps train doctors on emergency procedures for babies.


Linh Tran said...

Ummm. For the car wash event, September 30 is a Tuesday. I don't think anyone will be able to go from 10AM - 3PM.
Also, there's no information about Moon Festival event?
And when is the deadline to submit the articles?