Thursday, September 18, 2008


I. Old Business


want to make some easy hours straight from your COMPUTER?? Write an article! You can write about the services and events that you attended and you can include a picture of you and your friends or something relevent to the event. They can be 1 paragraph short, so submit them to Lisa at and she will forward your article to our LTG.

Add our new facebook so we can start setting up reminders. Eventually you won't even need to ask someone "are you going to _____?!" because you can just check the facebook to see if they've accepted the invitation. There's alot of things we can do with a facebook group, but only if we have enough people joining it! (you have to be logged in for the link to work)

Division 10 Pingo
Thanks everyone who went! They were raffling away free frozen yogurt.

Library Tree Planting
We're so sorry to those of you that were looking forward to this and to those of you that went! It was canceled last minute by the Alhambra Library, so none of the clubs from our school or other schools got to go.

II. New Business

Club Dues & Tshirts
Club dues are $13 this year (1 more dollar than last) because unfortunately, Kiwanis International increased the price. Late fees come into effect on October 16. Having a key club tshirt really helps us out because we can tell who our key clubbers are apart from other key clubbers during D10 events or just during a regular event. The new ones cost $10 each, hurry before all the sizes run out! Old shirts (which are still in perfect condition) are $5.
[ Front- Front Design Back- Back Design ]

Pencil Project
Bring as-close-to-new-as-you-can-get sharpened pencils or completely new pencils to donate. Again, another way to get easy hours. 50 pencils = 1 hour. We know that you don't use pencils anymore, so go find that plastic bag that has all those pencils you left alone long ago when you discovered lead pencils. They will benefit schools in third-world countries. There is no due date as of yet, but it's best to give it to us this DCM on the 27th.

Mr. Key Club/ September DCM (Divisional Council Meeting)
Mr. Key Club is a beauty pageant with our very own D10 guys. Representing our school is our very own Vice President Kevin Lee! Be sure to go to cheer him on when he answers random trivia (seriously, it's random) and does the catwalk along with the other contestants. Bring money! Dates are auctioned off at the end.

DCM is right after. For those of you that haven't been to a DCM yet, it's a meeting with our entire division (myspace for the list of the schools). We do fun icebreakers and hear about the district events as well as what other clubs have been up to. Food is always provided, and since we're hosting this month we are going to have pizza and nearly 10 liters of soda! Come so we can remind D10 just how large our key club is :)
[ Saturday, September 27 /10:45-2PM /$3 /More info TBA ]

D10 Carwash
This event is held on THIS Saturday, September 20 at 10AM at San Merino High School. The proceeds go to PEM/PTP. They train doctors on emergency procedures for babies.
[ Saturday, September 20 /Shift ONE: 10-12pm, Shift TWO: 12-2PM, Shift THREE: 2-3PM /San Merino High School ]

Memory Walk
We are attending this walk with the Vista Cove staff on October 5th. Registration is at 7, more info to be announced. Does that name sound familiar? We helped them out during their carwash to raise money to find a cure for Alzheimers; they're a bunch of real sweet people.
[Sunday, October 5 /Vista Cove /More info TBA]

The annual AIDS WALK! Last year we partnered up with one other person and were dropped off at stops all around the city. Every street was watched over by an adult for saftey reasons and just to be cool, which they are. If you're lucky, you're dropped off next to a Starbucks, Mall, or Cafe! Depending on your location you can have a few minutes to grab a quick coffee or 3 hours to go find that mall! Interested? Join our team, sign up with "D10 Blue Turtles - 0571"!
[ Sunday, October 19/ Los Angeles/ More Info TBA]

Fall Rally November 2008
It's finally that time of year again- WHEN KEY CLUB GOES TO SIX FLAGS! It's going to be full of cheers, madness, and glow sticks! You must attend the RTC for Fall Rally (mandatory) at PCC. More info to be announced.