Saturday, August 9, 2008

Summer Agenda #3 [edited august 12]

Next Summer Meeting: August 22

I. Old Business

A. Freeway Cleanup
Thanks to those who went and helped out under the blazing hot sun. We really appreciate your help because it truly made a difference in the environment.

B. Articles
Submit your articles! Feel free to write about the services and events that you attended. You get 1 hour for one article. Email them to Lisa at and to our LTG at

C. Website
New Facebook:
Feel free to start discussions, upload key club related pictures, and make videos :)

D. New and Old T-shirts
Our new t-shirts just arrived last week! They are only $10 each so get them now, we have 50 smalls, 25 mediums, and 25 larges! We still have about 3 old shirts for only $5! Note: You should buy one BEFORE registration because that's the easiest way of identifying you!

II. New Business

A. D10 Olympic Games
This is held TODAY, August 9, at 12PM Almansor Park. Participants do not have to pay. There will be a variety of events including doubles tennis, speed, an obstacle course, relay, balloon tag, and capture the flag. Volleyball has been replaced by basketball because the nets go up at 3:00 (which is around the time this event ends)
[Friday August 8, 1:00PM,
Almansor Park]

B. D10 Beach Clean Up
This event will be held on Saturday, August 16 at Santa Monica Beach. Meet up at Rosemead High School at 7AM. The cost will be $8 $10, which covers your bus fare and gloves. Take this chance to relax and have fun before school starts!
[Saturday August 16, Rosemead High School/ Santa Monica Beach]

C. Registration
August 18-19: Senior Registration
August 20-21: Junior Registration
August 25-26: Sophomore Registration
August 27-28: Freshmen Registration

Please meet up at the Pupil Services room at 7AM on all of the days of registration. We have no spots left, so if you go and your name is not on the list your hours will be cut in half UNLESS you attend ALL days. (which is 64 hours total)

If you have volunteered for at least two days, we will let you cut the lines (and we all know how long the lines can be) The only exception to that rule are the seniors.
st 20-21 & 25-28, 7:00AM, San Gabriel High School]

D. August's Divisional Council Meeting
This month's DCM will be held on August 31 at Almamsor Park at 1PM
[Sunday August 31, 1:00PM, Almansor Park]

E. Hours
You should have at least 10 hours by now.You can check your hours by downloading the file:
or by finding your name on the myspace blog:


Anonymous said...

your myspace blog link isn't working.
i can't go to senior registration days at all. D:<