Monday, July 7, 2008

Summer Agenda 2 [edited august 5]

If you have any questions at all please IM us at sangabrielkey!

Find the hours (last updated 7/1/2008) from sendspace or check the myspace blog.

Not to worry, we'll take those new and unsharpened pencils and cans from you :) You get 5 minutes for 10 pencils, but hey alot of stores are going into a "back to school sale". Give the pencils and cans to an officer whenever you see one (meeting, events, etc). The pencils will go to a poor school in mississippi, the cans will be donated to a church.

Freeway Clean-Up
We will be cleaning up the 60 freeway with Don Bosco Tech along with a few other schools. We're all meeting up at Don Bosco Tech, so make sure you get there on time! Also, after the event we're all going to eat at a nearby place, so bring money if you plan on going!
[ Friday August 1, 12:00-2:00, Don Bosco Tech]

Be sure to come, or else you might not be able to participate in D10 Games or get half of your hours cut from registration for not signing up!
[Friday August 8, 1:00PM, Almansor Park]

D10 Olympic Games
This is a fundraiser for Pediatric Emergency Medicine, because sometimes in emergency situations, there are very few doctors available specialized in treating babies. It costs $3 (food & admission), but participants are all paid for already. Participants compete against other schools in a variety of sports. If you are interested in going, sign up at meetings or online by leaving a comment on this blogspot, myspace, or IM sangabrielkey with your name, ID, and the sport you would like to be in. Remember to dress for your sport! More info about the courses, events, and rules from the D10 Reflector.
[Saturday August 9, 12-3:00PM, Almansor Park]

D10 Beach Clean-Up
You must fill in a form to go which we haven't recieved as of yet, but we DO have a bus for you guys! We are all meeting up at Rosemead High School at 7AM.
[Saturday August 16, Rosemead High School/ Santa Monica Beach]

D10 Carwash
[Saturday August 23, more info TBA]

Registration is Key Club's job, and is worth 64 hours if you show up to all the registration days! What's really sweet about this event is if you have volunteered for at least one day, we will let you cut through all the lines (and we all know how long the lines can be!) The only exception to that rule are the seniors. Lunch is provided.

The most people that can help out is 50, so if you don't sign up before registration and show up your hours will be cut in half!

We are meeting up at 7:00AM on all 6 days.
August 20-21: Junior Registration
August 25-26: Sophomore Regisration
August 27-28 : Freshman Registration
[August 20-21 & 25-28, 7:00AM, San Gabriel High School]

Divisional Council Meeting
[Sunday August 31, 1:00PM, Almansor Park]


connie =) said...

about the Pasadena Aquatic Center thing, what is the date of the Friday that we have to tell you guys before? cause i'm a little confused.

David said...

I'm interested in the M&M night, but I don't really get what we have to do. Could you explain?