Tuesday, June 3, 2008

First Update

just because we don't have meetings until the 19th doesn't mean there aren't going to be any updates and events! :)

a. Pasadena Chalk Festival (YOU MUST BE 16 OR OLDER TO GO!)
The Chalk Festival has been canceled

b.Water Balloon Social date has been MOVED, to the 28th
for those who missed the bowling social, here's another chance to meet key clubbers from don bosco! it will be held at almansor park at 11am. food and water balloons will be provided; water guns and super soakers are allowed! girls remember, white t-shirts are see-through when wet!
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c. SG Banquet/Incoming Freshman Orientation
it's san gabriel's banquet! NOT D10! it's going to be at almansor park at 12pm on June 19th. we will also be inviting the incoming freshmen to the banquet as an orientation at 2pm. Also, BEING THAT LAST WEEK WAS OUR LAST MEETING OF THE SCHOOL YEAR, THIS IS OUR FIRST MEETING IN THE SUMMER! If you haven't signed up yet, IM sangabrielkey or else there won't be food for you!
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