Sunday, June 29, 2008


Hey key clubbers! In case you didn't go to today's DCM, here's some information about Anime Expo & the Pasadena Aquatic Center:

Anime Expo:
We are going to work along side with other schools from our division and Riverside's Circle K (college version of key club) at the LA convention center for Anime Expo on July 4th & 5th. In case you didn't know, Anime Expo is a convention dedicated to anime, manga, and the like. (video games, etc) Anime is Japanese animation, and manga is japanese comics. After 4 hours of volunteering, you get a FREE ONE-DAY PASS. To go, you fill in the parent waiver form under files at the D10 yahoo groups under FILE. Despite this being a divisional event, you need to find your own rides. Also, we reccomend bringing money for convention goodies and food (which are not provided). One adult (25+) can sign for 4 members (16+, though i'm told they don't check). The adult must at least verify that he/she is present, then leave. Bring your ID's.

Pasadena Aquatic Center
We and the Kiwanis are going to the Pasadena Aquatic Center on July 26th at 10AM-6PM (2 shifts). Here, the Kiwanis will BBQ lunch for us and socialize. Olympic swimmers are at the Aquatic Center, and we are allowed to watch.

More info, events, and maps are on the Summer Agenda: Last Updated June 24