Thursday, May 22, 2008

my sincerest apologies for not updating on time anymore ): i was never able to get an agenda until days or a week later for the past month. but it won't happen anymore because track is over so i'll be hand typing the agendas from now on. if you have opinions, hate or love, just comment!

a. after school tutoring
mon-thurs 3-4pm at the library. we need people to help go and remember to sign in with a teacher.

b. dcm/otc
this month's OTC (officer training) will be held rigth after DCM and it's mandatory for all officers to go! remember to bring $3 for the food that will be provided :)! key clubbers it's a great chance to get to understand and learn techniques for officer positions if you are interested in being an officer next year! more info (location, time) TBA!

c. key club banquet/freshman orientation
it's san gabriel's banquet! NOT D10! it's going to be at almansor park at 12pm. we will also be inviting the incoming freshmen to the banquet as an orientation at 2pm.
be nice to them :)

d. water balloon social with Don Bosco Tech
for those who missed the bowling social, here's another chance to meet key clubbers from don bosco! it will be held at the almansor park at 11am. food and water balloons will be provided; water guns and super soakers are allowed! girls remember, white t-shirts are see through when wet!

*FAQ: "Why are there barely any dates on these events?"
-we have the dates but they're undecided, but don't worry because the events are in mid-june or end of june. the earliest event is most likely on June 1st, the DCM/OTC.